Guardian Angel

Perfect Buddy for a couple who need some security!

I am now running out of time as my Mom heads out in 10 days . PLEASE isn't there some one out there that can help ? ****

Moms Wish is to find a fenced yard with gentle owners for me to stay in Thailand.

Hi my name is " Puppy" , I came with my family from Australia 8 yrs ago to live in Thailand. I have been fortunate to have had my loving family around for so long. But unfortunately my mom is being called home to help with her growing number of grandchildren and I really do not want to spend 6 mths in a Kennel in Singapore then another month in Australia in my later years. I am a neutered male Marrema which are know for being Guardian dogs. An Italian breed that are used to keep watch on stock from the jaws of wolves and other preditors. I am a very loyal protecter of my family , who takes care of me then I in return take care of you.

I have not been called on to work as such for many years since I left Australia, but I do keep my single mom safe from any unwanted visitors. While I need to be introduced to new dogs in their environment but really enjoy the company of mature people that would give me a gentle pat as they pass. I do not take a lot of upkeep , despite the look of my silky white coat it is very low maintenance. I do enjoy a brush if you have the time and am used to having a bath every two weeks to keep me smelling sweet.

I keep very fit for my 12 year body . My pal "Obie" that was also a Marrema left us last year to greener pastures at the ripe old age of 15.

I need a fenced yard and eat only small portions now , have to watch the beautiful body ! I am fully house trained , but do need to be able to find a fan or somewhere cool in the heat of the day.

I am looking for a kind loving home to spend my remaining years. If this may be you .

Please contact my mom and we can see if we like each other.

Please contact Mom on

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