Greenville Splash Masters

March News

Lee Watson Swimmer of the Month

Lee started swimming a couple of years ago due to a running injury. At first he was unable to even swim a lap. But he didn't give up and he is now a very accomplished swimmer. Lee is a triathlete and use to dread the swim workouts, but he now finds them very enjoyable. Lee started swimming Masters with Greenville Splash about 9 months ago. He is absolutely remarkable in the way he attacks each workout with such enthusiasm and athleticism! His progress the past few months has been amazing. Lee listens intently to his coaches and lane mates. He is fearless in his pursuit to learn more about swimming and get faster. He has learned how to swim all 4 strokes! Lee loves to work out hard and he swims each set with tenacity and bravado! Lee is married and has five children. Swimming has permeated through his household: two of his children swim year round and enjoy summer league swim team.

Sara's Big 5-0

Sunday, March 23rd, 2pm

Middle Tyger YMCA 720 Shoals Rd. Duncan, SC 29334

Come join us for a special workout in honor of our Social Director, Sara Bopp's 50th birthday! We want 50 people to join us for 50 x 50's on :50. All swimmers welcome. If you are not a member of Middle Tyger show ID at the front desk and tell them you are with Greenville Splash. Immediately following the workout we will socialize at River Falls Golf Course. Come swim and celebrate with her!

Upcoming Events

March 14
Dancing Team Social to see Retro Vertigo at Handlebar. Join us for a fun 80's cover band. Tickets are $10.00. 304 E. Stone Avenue, Greenville. This band is very popular they start at 9:00pm

March 15
Super Sprint Saturday 8:00-9:15am at Caine Halter. Special sprint workout for Open Doors. Open to all swimmers, show ID at front desk if you are a guest. Help us to support swim programs for those in need by sprinting and making a donation. For more info or to donate online:
Make donations to Caine Halter Aquatics for this great cause.

March 23
Special Team Event and Social
The Big 5-0!
In honor of Sara Bopp's 50th birthday we will be swimming 50 x 50's on :50 with 50 people. Workout at Middle Tyger YMCA at 2:00pm, open to all swimmers. Social and celebration at River Falls Country Club after workout

March 29
Super Sprint Saturday 8:00-9:15am at GHS. Special sprint workout for Open Doors. Open to all swimmers. If you are a guest, show ID at the front door. Help others to thrive in the water by sprinting and making a donation for a great cause. For more info:
Make donations to GHS Aquatics. Let the Y know that Greenville Splash supports this cause!

April 10-13
YMCA Nationals, Sarasota, FL.
We have a record crowd going this year: Carolyn Moore, Sara Bopp, Casey Oliver, Cheryl Quinn, Janice Hebel, Susan Demere, Bonnie Glasgow Spann, Leslie Scott, Bill Robertson, Blake Leche, Susan DeMere, Doug Long, Mark Kothe, Jack Read, Michael Roka, Michael Mauhar, Rick Haverland and Troy McAlister
Entries are due by March 10 and must be submitted to Coach Leslie Scott.

May 17
One-Three Mile Open Water National Championship, Chattanooga, TN

May 24
Low Country Splash Open Water Swim, Charleston, SC Come swim the 2.4 mile or 5 mile swim. We always have a big group for this exciting event. Register early for the 5 mile because the slots fill up fast.

June 14
Dixie Zone Open Water Championship, Chattanooga, TN

June 21-22
Long Course Meet Roy Dessloch Invitational, Greenville, SC
This is a big team event. Save the date! We need YOU to help us score big team points!

October 13, 2014
Bermuda Round the Sound
. Be thinking about joining us this year for a choice of 10k, 7k, 4k, 2k or .8k

Tracie Anderson

Congratulations to Tracie and Scott Anderson on the birth of their baby girl! Evelyn was born on Jan. 14. Tracie is a dedicated new mom and loving every minute of it. Tracie swam up to a few weeks before giving birth and then she was back in the water about three weeks after. Her background as a collegiate cross country runner and ultra marathoner paid off. Tracie is an avid cyclist and runner, but switched to swimming out of necessity. Tracie started swimming with Greenville Splash during her pregnancy. She has really improved during the last few months and has learned to do breaststroke and backstroke. Now is the perfect time to learn those flip turns! And before long Evelyn will be swimming also.

Splashing Accomplishments

South Carolina SCY Championships Myrtle Beach:
Kristi Panayotoff, Bill Robertson and Carolyn Moore were high point winners for their age groups. Carolyn set a dixiezone record in the 200 Breast. Susan DeMere set a state record in the 200 Back Carolyn set state records in the 500 Free, 50 Breast and 100 IM. Kudos to these fabulous swimmers!

Greensboro SCY Meet:
Susan DeMere set state records in the 200 and 500 Free. Congrats Susan!

Workouts and Lane Etiquette

MTuTh: 5:30-6:30am, MW 6:30-7:30pm, Th 12-1pm, Sat 8-9:15am
Caine Halter:
MWF 6-7am, M 12-1pm, W 6:30-7:30pm

We are thinking of adding another workout for the summer months, let me know of any times that may be good.

As spring and summer approach, workouts get a little more crowded. Most swimmers enjoy swimming with others but remember everyone is there to have a meaningful workout. Make sure to follow the proper lane etiquette:
Circle Swim - stay to the right, swim in counterclockwise circle
Black line - don't swim on the black line, stay to the right
Turn at the middle or left corner of the lane, this allows swimmers behind you to flip
Leave 5 seconds apart
Enter feet first
Slower swimmers yield to faster swimmers
Move over to let someone pass, don't push off right before someone turns
If you get tired, move over so other swimmers are not interrupted
Communicate with your lane mates
Be on time or adapt to the workout
If there are any problems, don't hesitate to tell the coach on deck
Remember to thank the coach on deck after workout!

Video and Poem by Colin Babcock

The Swimmer's Mentality

Sculling Drills

Our coaches sometimes incorporate sculling drills because it is a great way to develop a "feel" for the water. Sculling is simply moving the hands back and forth underwater. Think of your hands, wrist and forearms as one unit. Sweep out with thumbs down and pinkies up, and sweep in with thumbs up and pinkies down. Sculling will help to better understand how changing the pitch of the hand develops into a strong and efficient catch. These drills also help with hand and forearm strength. So try making tornadoes during announcements as the video shows.
Develop Feel for the Water with the Tornado Drill