Erpenbeck UPDATES

Back To School Night Was Awesome!

Important updates before the start of the 17-18 school year.

Hello Erpenbeck Families,

I just wanted to update all of our families on a few things before we start another great school year! I know that it was great for all of our staff to get to see our fantastic students last night! Smiles and happiness were everywhere! I was asked by multiple students last night about how I was going to be able to put their clips in my hair when they clip off the chart for excellent behavior :) For those of you who are new to EES - clipping on to the principal is the ultimate sign of students displaying excellent behavior. In the past, these clips would end up on Mrs. Watson's hair......well I don't have much hair so it may have to be clipping on my tie!

We hope that you got to meet our new staff members at our Back to School Event.

Pre-School Teacher - D'Lisa Cromer and Pre-School Assistant - Tonda Arlinghaus

Kindergarten Teacher - Brenna Ashermann

2nd Grade Teacher - Viki Baker

Para Educator - Shannon White

.5 Guidance Counselor - Jill Baird

Assistant Principal - Eddy Bushelman

We also have some familiar faces in new roles:

Emily Browning will be working in the front office

Karen Fletcher will be teaching both AM and PM Kindergarten this year

Megan Morris will be returning as a 1st grade teacher -maternity leave last year

Myra Newman will be a 3rd grade teacher

Jessica Klosinski will be our STEAM Teacher

Kyle Holloway will be our Instructional Coach

We are so excited about the experience and expertise that our new staff members are bringing to EES and we are also excited about our staff members entering into new roles for the upcoming year!


The information below is from the transportation department:

*On Monday, August 14th, the Transportation Department will conduct a community wide rehearsal of all bus routes. The buses will be running all routes at the regularly scheduled times. This will include mid-day Kindergarten runs as well as our normal morning and afternoon routes.

*We hope students and parents will take this opportunity to meet and greet their drivers and become familiar with the stops in their neighborhood.

*We ask that members of the community take some extra precautions on Monday morning as the buses and some students will be on the streets.

* Please remember students will be allowed to come on board the bus. However, we request parents abide by the District Policy of not boarding the bus.”

Update for those of you who ordered School Supply Kits through SCHOOLKIDZ

*Through absolutely no fault of our PTSO, the school supply kits were not going to be able to be delivered because of a conflict between the company and their freight carriers.

*The PTSO will be issuing full refunds for any parent who ordered the supply kits through them with checks being sent to the address on file by August 25th. If ordered online or by credit card, those refunds are already being processed.

*The supply list for each grade can be found on the school website or

I understand how frustrating this is. My family has used the option of the supply kits in the past and realize that the benefit is in the convenience. Please rest assured that I have notified our teachers about this issue and they know that some of our students may not have their school supplies for the the first few days of school. Our staff will work with these students to make sure that they have the essentials that are needed for the first few days. This does bring to mind something that I want to bring up for this school year. Our goal is to completely partner with our families, PTSO, and community for the benefit of our students. We will work together when things are going well and we will work together when any issues arise. While I realize how special of a place EES is, inevitably issues will arise throughout the school year - we will work together with you to reach desirable outcomes if any issues are encountered. Many times, like this issue with the supply kits, it is beyond the control of anyone at the school level. Everything is a teachable moment for our students - how to handle successes and disappointments is a big part of life. We want to handle both in constructive ways. If you have any questions about the supply kits or the refund process you can contact Michelle Smith at If you need to vent or have concerns about the first days of school regarding your child not having school supplies - please call me at 859-384-7200 or email me at I will work with you regarding this.

The Board of Education decided that 8/21/17 (Solar Eclipse Day) will be a full day of school with a variety of parent options and choices.

More specific information will come as it is received, but we want to provide you with the information that we have at this time. I know that our staff has been contacted by parents who have safety concerns about the event and have been contacted by parents who want their child to experience the eclipse. Parents will have the option to fill out an EHO (Educational Enhancement Opportunity) which will allow your child to remain home from school that day or removed early from school and, with the EHO filled out and submitted before the event on Friday, August 18th, which will allow for the child to not be counted absent from school. Parents will also have the ability to have your child remain at school until the eclipse time is over so that your child will not have to walk out to a bus during the time of the eclipse. Also, you will have the option to have your child board the bus at the regular time (this will be towards the end of the eclipse and we will be telling students to not look at the sun). Parents will also be given the opportunity to allow or deny permission for your child to view the eclipse while wearing approved solar viewing glasses. Students will not be outside during the eclipse for things like recess - students will only be outside for a structured viewing with the approved solar glasses and with parent permission.

As I stated above - I will have more specific and detailed information to communicate with you as we get it. I do know that some information is already posted on the Boone County Schools website. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of options to best meet your wishes as a parent regarding this experience.

Have a great weekend!


Pat Berry