Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 4

What's happening with our Culture, Communication, and Collaboration?

Dear staff,

Here are some updates for this week:

  • In the theme of culture, please take a moment to watch the Kid President video link at the bottom as we gear up for the month of September with our students! Also, I attached an article at the bottom about the First Five Minutes and thought it tied in well with Morning Meetings and classroom communication as well as our communication with each other.
  • IF you have not done so, pllease do take the time to fill out the Google Form regarding Culture, Communication, and Collaboration. Here is the link for all NA staff:
  • On Tuesday at 4:30 we will have a "grand opening" for our new Outdoor Learning Shelter! If you are around at that time and/or can stay to join us, we would love it! The media, district admin, and board have been invited. Rock-It kids will be there, but I want all to know that it is a shelter for ALL of our kids and staff. We will follow that up with a 5:00 Rock-It Board meeting in the Commons.
  • Tuesday is also School Board elections so please make sure to vote at St. John Vianney or the Waterfront Convention Center if you are a BCSD resident. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!
  • Wednesday is early out and an email went out from the district on Friday requesting you to sign up for sessions.
  • Please take the time to read BLT minutes, PBIS minutes, etc. when they are posted. We are all working on our communication and collaboration and I know that taking the time to read them helps us all.
  • Thursday night is our PTA Kindergarten Family Dinner. All kindergarten students and their families are invited for a free dinner and a scavenger hunt to get to know the school.
  • I had planned to attend a symposium in Des Moines on Thursday, but now Danielle will be going in my place. Since my calendar is now clear on Thursday, I plan to have a "No Office Day" or NOD. This means I will be in classrooms, lunch, and recess all day and not in the office. I will keep a walkie-talkie on me :)
  • It is time to start thinking about your Personal Learning Plan (PLP) if you are Tier II. Tier II teachers need to do a PLP and have a brief meeting with me regarding the PLP. Those on Tier I (Erika, Jessica, Andrea, Amber, Kate, and Graciela) do not have a PLP, but do have 1 (or 2 if you are on an initial license) formal observations to schedule with me. Please check your email regarding Tier I or II information.
  • Thank you so much to the FAST team (Jenni, Carrie, Holly, Stacey, Colleen) for getting each and every one of our K-5 students tested with aMath, aReading, and FAST CBMs. This team will be meeting with each of you this week (T, W, Th) to discuss the right interventions for each of your students. Make sure to schedule an individual time with Jenni and Carrie on the NA calendar for collaboration.
  • Marty Beck and other math consultants from the AEA were here Friday to meet with Carrie and me. They are really excited to work with each grade level to support math best practices, interventions, etc. via modeling, coaching, and grade level bi-weekly meetings. I am looking forward to our progress in math.
  • Thursday September 17 is the QC United Way Day of Caring. We will have teams here to work on landscaping like in past years and also another project to "spruce up" our art work and hallway appearances. Thanks to Chrissy and Becca in advance for their support of this project!

September 7-11

Weekly Plan

Monday September 7

Labor Day

Tuesday September 8

7:45 Behavior Data Team for Carrie, Jenni, Danielle, Ardie, Amber, Brooke, and Lisa

9:00 MTSS meeting with Jenni, Carrie, Holly

1:00 Budget meeting at district

1:30 Administrative/Supervisors meeting at district

4:30 Ribbon cutting for outdoor learning shelter

5:00 21CCLC Advisory board meeting

Wednesday September 9

9:00 Morning meeting recordings w/Colleen & 5th graders

10:15 Tornado drill

10:30 Weekly 21CCLC meeting w/Becca

12:00 PS dismissal

1:10 K-5 dismissal

1:30-4:00 Professional development (district led/agenda will be sent out via district)

Thursday September 10

NOD- No Office Day for Lisa

6:00 Kindergarten Family Dinner

Friday September 11

7:45 NA & AEA SPED monthly meeting (Peg, Ardie, Debbie, Brooke, Jodi, Ellen, Amber, Lisa)

9:00 Weekly school counselor meeting with Danielle

10:00 Fire drill

10:30 Weekly office meeting with Mindy, Kimberly, and Lori

1:30 Elementary principals' meeting at District

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!