Gregor Mendel

Founder of Genetics and Scientist


Gregor Mendel is the founder of genetics. He is also a scientist.

early years

Successes- Mendel earned top marks in math and science and he also tutored other students.

Struggles- He failed teaching exams over four times and he couldn't afford school.

Experimental Design


1) New 'species' can appear in the form of hybrids.

2) Whatever the mechanism of heredity, it involved male and females.


1) Seed shape- (round) (angular)

2) Pod Color- (Yellow) (Green)

3) Stem Length- (Long) (Short)

This data is Mendel's experiment "Pea Pod Plant". It's the data between two different pods. it tells the difference between the two pods when he did his experiment.


Scientists reacted by not understanding his work. While he was alive, the scientists didn't get it. No one really helped Mendel.


Gregor Mendel's pea pod experiment has set a foundation for the field of genetics. He realized that heredity not only works with plants, but with people too.


Dominant: Gene that will overpower another gene. EX: The dominant gene gave her brown eyes.

Codominant: Gene that is neither Dominant or Recessive. EX: The chicken was Codominant.

Recessive: Gene that gets covered up by the dominant gene. EX: The recessive gene didn't give her dimples.