Jenny Dix

Main Function(s)!

  • Insulating layer that helps reduce heat loss from the skin
  • Provides protection and support around major organs
  • Stores excess energy by converting it into fat and keeping it inside the adipocyte tissue

Organelles in Adipocyte cells!

  • Cytoplasm fills the cell with jelly-like substances and keeps organelles in place
  • Nucleus is flattened and on the periphery (outer edge)
  • Mitochondria produces heat and gives brown fat cells their brown color
Because of the mitochondria, the adipocytes insulates the body and because of the nucleus, the adipocyte can store energy.

Adipose tissue

  • Also known as body fat
  • Connective tissue
  • Found in major endocrine organs

Epicardial fat

Epicardial fat is the fat tissue that surrounds the heart, and generates bio-active molecules that may have a significant effect on cardiac function