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Requirements for Flex Day on March 19, 2021

The Flex Day requirements are different this year than in the past. If you are a staff member with the Flex Day built-in to your contract (ie: teachers), you may qualify for the Flex Day. The qualifier to be exempt on the Flex Day is the completion of the three levels of the Virtual/Blended Teaching and Learning Academy, not any amount of off-contract PD.




The deadline to submit all three levels for the spring stipend is Friday, March 12, 2021.

Employees that Started at Mid-year PD Requirements:

  • Employees starting in January will be responsible for half of the required hours and Level 1 of the Virtual Academy.

  • The required PD hours go from 54 to 27 hours.

  • Part of the 27 hours will include the required Level 1 Academy which is 11 hours.

  • The requirement for Flex Day is to complete all Levels of the Virtual Academy. If a certified staff were to finish all three levels, they could be absent on the Flex Day. If they do not they will report for PD on Friday, March 19.

PLC at Work Live Institute Coming to Fort Smith!

We are so excited to be one of the few places in the country that Solution Tree decided to host a PLC at Work Live Institute on June 2-4. We are also happy to announce that it will be located at Southside High School! Please see the following links for more information.

PLC at Work LIVE!

Agenda for the Conference! (AMAZING!)

Sign up will begin in Kalpa on Monday, March 8th at 8:00 am. There will be limited enrollment so you will want to register early. It will be first come first served and people are encouraged to only register if they intend on attending all three days. There are many people who want to go and we don't want several cancellations at the end that may have excluded others from going.

There will be NO VIRTUAL OPTION. This was decided by Solution Tree. We will follow DESE guidelines for PD.

Please register in Kalpa using: PLC - AT WORK LIVE INSTITUTE #1096499

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Northside Students Use Painters Tape to Create Murals

Art students at Northside High School were challenged by their instructors, Ms. Odle, Ms. Dillman, and Ms. Steinbeck, to use blue painter's tape to create murals in the hallways. With the artwork complete, NHS hosted a school-wide vote for the best mural in specific categories. Congratulations to these winning artists!

  • Best Use of Perspective: Silvana R., Acesaly S., and Samantha H.
  • Best Use of Detail: Crystal C., Tykuria T., and Jose S.
  • Most Creative: Ava H., Ashley B., Angela A., and Angela B.
  • Best In Show: Jacob R., James V., and Will N.
  • Best Craftsmanship: Group 1: Angel C., Mario A., and Matthew G.; Group 2: Janet M., Nya P., and Danielle Q.
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