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1. QuickBooks 2016 R5 Update Version for the U.S. Released

Regardless of high end features and applications, QuickBooks has always been a matter of concern for the small businesses just because of some common QuickBooks technical problems – though the problems are negligible, however the account managers have to suffer their tasks.

With an objective to remove all types of technical problems in QuickBooks reported by the users, Intuit has released the latest QuickBooks 2016 R5 for the U.S edition of QuickBooks. Currently, it is being pushed as an automatic update, but later the software will be available as a manual update from the Intuit support website for QuickBooks update. Read more at

2. Setting up Remote Access to QuickBooks for Mobile Users

QuickBooks is a commanding and accessible financial management software package for small and mid-sized businesses. Simply because of its simplicity and scalability, the accounting software has earned tons of popularity with businesses. It is recommended especially for small businesses that require a systematic accounting software package to streamline their financial transactions. For help and troubleshoot QuickBooks technical errors and problems dial support phone number.

However, a common technical issue with the accounting software is that the users find it unable to get a remote access to use QuickBooks from anywhere at any time. Several businesses today require more flexibility when it comes to viewing their bookkeeping and financial statements through a remote access. Read more at

3. Most Valuable Business Lessons for Intuit Support Services

How a mistake can move a business on the wrong side can be experienced from an incident happened to Intuit – a well-known developer of QuickBooks and Quicken. Intuit has recently apologized for a mistakenly-added feature to its TurboTax, which caused so many users to show their anger on different review websites. The incident took the users to and other review web portal and compelled them to give a one start rating to the product.

In the most current update to the software, the developers of TurboTax deliberately pushed a very significant feature, which was also included in the previous edition. Certain users who had availed the tool for several years came across a pop up message in the middle of calculating their tax. The pop-up box asked the users to pay for the upgrade if they wanted to avail the tax calculating feature. Read more at

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