Junior JumpStart

Oyster River High School~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Winter 2016

PSAT Score Return!

PSAT scores will be delivered online this year! · Students can access their PSAT scores results via College Board by clicking here. PLEASE NOTE: Students should create ONE account only—please contact the College Board directly if you are unsure if you have an account, or need help logging in.

o Watch the following tutorial for an explanation of how to read your PSAT score report: https://youtu.be/KNQGjsOQGpU

o Please note that the PSAT exam, as well as exam results, are quite different from last year’s results due to the change in the SAT exam beginning in March 2016. The following link provides additional information about the changes and how to utilize the PSAT score results: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10/scores .

o If you have any trouble accessing your PSAT scores, or have any questions, please stop by the Counseling Office. Counselors will begin visiting advisory groups next week to review PSAT scores and answer any questions.

o FREE SAT Prep via Kahn Academy! The College Board has paired with Kahn Academy to offer free SAT preparation for all students. Students who took the PSAT can also link their College Board and Kahn Academy accounts to receive personalized test prep. Click the box for Kahn Academy once you log into your College Board account to get started!

SAT Testing Provided to ALL JUNIORS on MARCH 2, 2016!

The state of NH has adopted the SAT exam for state-wide testing. This means that all Juniors will take the SAT exam, free of charge, on March 2, 2016. The scores will be used for ORHS mandated testing and can also be submitted to colleges and universities during the application process. More detailed information will be provided over the coming month.

Destination College

Saturday, April 2nd, 8am

2500 North River Road

Hooksett, NH

17th Annual Destination College - New Hampshire's Statewide College Planning Event
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College Visits

With Spring Semester Breaks approaching, it is a perfect time to visit a few potential schools. It is important to call or go online to check for tour dates and times.

Smart Questions to Ask Tour Guides:

» What did you do for fun last weekend?

» Do students stay on campus?

» Can first-year students have cars on campus? Do you need one? What is the public transportation like on campus?

» How much time do you spend on homework? What is the average size of a general education class?

» Is it likely that you get most of the classes of your choice?

» How accessible are the professors outside of class?

» What type of activities are you involved in?

»How involved are the students and staff in athletic events?

» What clubs or groups are active in the college community?

» What accommodations or assistance can you utilize if you are having difficulties with a class?

Career Development

There are a number of resources available to assist you in your career search. If you plan to enter the workforce directly out of high school, The New Hampshire Career Resource Network can help. The website is http://www.nhes.nh.gov/elmi/career/ and can offer you a wealth of information. The website includes links to various employment sites as well as information about jobs in NH. You can look up the training needed for a specific career as well as current job openings. Additional career resources include Job Corps www.NEJobCorps.org and Federal Jobs Central www.fedjobs.com. Naviance also has an extensive selection of careers to explore via the "Career" tab. Please see your counselor with any questions!

Play The Game

Are you a high school athlete? Do you intend to pursue sports at a collegiate level? Then you probably already know that there is a very specific recruitment process, particularly for those athletes participating in NCAA Division I or Division II sports. When are you able to talk to potential coaches? What can you do to market yourself to the schools of your choice? What are your scholarship opportunities? There are steps you can take to help coaches recruit you.

By the end of your junior year you will need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Visit www.eligibilitycenter.org to register and request a transcript to be sent by the Counseling Office. If you are unsure what Division the colleges you are applying to are, or do not know if you will play sports, you still need to register with the clearinghouse to keep all your options open. Let us know if you have any questions!

Need help organizing? Come take a look at the interactive bulletin in the Counseling Office to learn about tools you can add to your 'toolbox'!

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