Bedford Primary School Library

March Newsletter

Book Checkout in March : 1295

Congratulations to Ms. Cheek's and Mrs. Roberts' classes for winning our March reading contest!

Kindergarten is going on a field trip! To see Henry and Mudge!

We have LOTS of copies of Henry and Mudge books in the library if you want to get your students excited about the play! There is also a very easy reader series, Puppy Mudge, that some students might be able to read. I will put some on the cart by the door for you to check out.

Kindergarten has voted! Guess what won the Virginia Reader's Choice for BPS?

Surprisingly, Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote won... a thinly veiled fable about illegal migration from Mexico. Come check it out! The Kindergartners liked it! (We did not talk about illegal migration - they just liked the exciting story!)

I have pulled books for you!

In the rack by the door are books about:

  • Henry and Mudge
  • Measuring
  • Recycling and Earth Day
  • Life Cycles

I also have books on all the Famous Americans and SOLs. Don't forget - you are free to borrow any of the dolls in the back : George Washington, Betsy Ross, Pocahontas, George Washington Carver, Eleanor Roosevelt, Johnny Appleseed. I don't have Martin Luther King Jr. or Abraham Lincoln. I am working on it...

The end of the year approaches...

I will be sending out some lists of books checked out by teachers so you aren't scared at the end of the year and you can start looking for books now... Don't worry - you aren't in trouble. No need to panic - it is just for your information!

Last book check-out for students will be the week of May 1st. Last week of library and Makerspace classes will be the week of May 15th.

Library Inventory will be done the short week of May 22nd.

New Books!