ITS Information

August 2018

Infant Toddler Service (ITS) Files! What's the process?

For any of you that are new - or those of you who have been here forever, the ITS process is one that needs to be re-visited every year! Here is the timeline so you see what is happening before it gets to you. Even if you already know the process, PLEASE read through all the information.

What is the timeline for ITS files?

  1. 90 days before the child's 3rd birthday, ITS sends me their IFSP and information, so we get them in our system.
  2. ITS schedules pre-transition meetings with me. I do not have control over when - I just go when they are scheduled. State statues require it to be at or before 90 days before the 3rd birthday.
  3. At these meetings, I give the run down of the evaluation process. I give them information on how to schedule hearing and vision, and I give them all their paperwork to complete and send out.
  4. After the meeting, I print out the purple sheet with info, create the blue evaluation recommendations, and give the file to Sarah. Sarah also reviews the file before making a final placement decision and passing the info on.
  5. File THEN goes to Karen Sanborn, who then sends you the email with information regarding the evaluation and then will deliver the file to your building.
  6. Within 2 weeks you (or psych, depending on your process) schedule an intake meeting with the parents to discuss specifics of the evaluation process.


Here are some misonceptions I have received emails/suggestions about for the ITS transition process.

  • Parents often ask where the child will be evaluated. My standard response is: Typically we try to stay as close to the home school as possible, but sometimes, due to classroom caseloads or child care location, this can change. I also let them know that it is not my decision on where they go.
  • I will NEVER discuss or talk about what services the child will be receiving. That is pre-determination. What is often confusing to the parent is that sometimes we will discuss what AREAS should be evaluated. I describe this difference, but they are getting a lot of information, so it can be confusing.
  • For some kids (typically more involved kids) they will ask how they will receive services. Again, I cannot pre-determine, so I tell them that, and then I answer with: if their child is found eligible for services, then it CAN look like _____, but that varies from classroom to classroom.
  • We DO discuss that they will be contacted by someone from the district (psych, ECSE teacher, or SLP traditionally) within about 2-3 weeks from my visit, what to do for hearing and vision screening (Call to make an appt), and what paperwork we need from them.
  • At the meeting, i give each parent a packet of paperwork to return to me via email or to drop off. When you have your intake meeting ASK THEM if they have filled out the paperwork for me and turned it in. If they haven't, ask them to please do that. I do NOT keep track of who has turned in paperwork. It's your responsibility to ask them at the intake meeting. If they haven't turned it in or have lost it, feel free to give them new copies and I don't need it back to me. The only reason it comes here is because I score the ASQ, and we want them to start the paperwork process immediately and they need a place to take it sooner than sometimes the paperwork gets there.
  • They are told at least 3-4 times to call for hearing and vision (unless they have had recent visits with an audiologist/opthamologist). Sometimes they still forget. Please ask them at your intake if they have scheduled this meeting. Hearing and vision MUST be completed.
  • Remember that we are not the only stakeholders here. The transition process is a collaboration between us, the families, and ITS. ITS has mandated timelines that they must also meet for the state, and certain ways that they must go about their process as well.

ITS Files - Holdups and Questions

Wait - you start so far in advance - how come this file only has a month left? How come I didn't get it earlier????

  • There are multiple reasons this could happen that are outside of our control. Usually it is a late referral. Sometimes it is because the parent didn't show to the transition conference, or continues to cancel. Once a visit has been completed, the typical turnaround is usually about one week to get to you.

Why does paperwork continue coming to me after I already have the file? Why don't you just get it all in the file and then send it?

  • We are relying on parents to send in paperwork, so if we didn't send the file on, it's possible that you would get it VERY late and lose time. Our main goal is to process files and get them out to the classrooms or service providers.

His birthday is so far away - Do I have to eval right NOW? Or should I wait.

  • Get it done. Remember that there are HUGE fines if we don't get everything turned in by the 3rd birthday. You do not have to START the child in your class until they turn 3 if you don't want to. If the eval gets done and it's only a week or two before the third birthday, you can start them early. You do need to communicate this with the ITS provider.

GAAA!! Where's hearing and vision?

  • Once the parent has gone out to HLC to get their hearing and vision screened, Synergy will update.

General Reminders

  • READ the purple sheet that I include! If the child is at the meeting, I will write general observations (if possible). Beyond that, it has current info provided by parents and service providers.
  • Though we CAN complete an evaluation quicker if necessary, best practice says at least 2-3 weeks is a helpful amount of time.
  • Please don't push too close to the 3rd birthday for completing the evaluation. There can always be an emergency, or something come up, not allowing the meeting to take place. The state doesn't care. All they care about is the date everything is completed.
  • IF you are starting services for a child BEFORE their 3rd Birthday, you MUST notify the family service coordinator (info on the referral form). Families cannot be receiving services from both the district and ITS.
  • Once the Evaluation (and possible IEP) meeting is scheduled, PLEASE send an email to the Family Service Coordinator to invite them to the meeting. They cannot always attend, but it's best practice to include them.
  • If you are struggling to get a hold of a parent, please reach out to me and I will work on it from my end.
  • ASK the parent at the intake meeting if they have completed the paperwork I gave them. If they haven't give them more paperwork
  • Speaking of paperwork - you should ONLY be using the 0-3 AEPS for these ITS evaluations.
  • ASK the parent at the intake meeting if they have scheduled hearing and vision. If they haven't, call HLC while they are there and get it on the calendar.

Having an issue, or have any questions? Email Melissa Thomas at HMC