The Importance of Water

By Sarah McLaughlin (6.04 Wellville Water)

2 liters a day keeps the doctors away!

The average person must drink at least 2 liters of water each day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without it, your body would stop functioning correctly. For instance, your blood is over 80% water and carries oxygen to all the cells of the body. Without the oxygen, those tiny cells would die and your body would stop working. Water also helps your immune system so that when you get sick, you can fight off the illness better. That means when you have a fever, or are out in the sun too long and you get really hot, drinking water can help to cool down your body temperature. Also, when you're given antibiotics, staying hydrated helps you to transport nutrients throughout your body. When there are toxins in your body or left over food, the water helps to flush them out. It is very important to drink water as you can only go 1 week without it.

The Freshwater Catastrophe

Notice how seafood prices have been skyrocketing lately? Part of that could be the fact that freshwater animals are disappearing 5 times faster than land animals. Animals rely on water much more than we do, as it is their version of oxygen. With all of the new toxins and chemicals being developed each year, more than 500, more water is being contaminated a year. In fact, it only takes 1 gallon of water to contaminate over 750,000 gallons of water. Even though in the big ocean that may seem like a minuscule, when over 500 different water contaminates have been discovered in all areas of the ocean, it adds up.



#1 Water was safer a century ago.

Many people have it in their heads that water was pure before the modern industry took over. In reality though, the pollution is just different now. Water can be considered safer now as we have advances in sanitation the help kill off bacterial growth in our drinking water today.

#2 You can never drink too much water

Believe it or not, taking in too much water can have serious consequences. Drinking too much can dilute your bodily fluid to the point where your salt levels are too low for the body to function. So while it's good to drink a lot of water, it's important not to drink extreme amounts.