Can you take your schema about communities and landforms and apply it to help a family. Your group will get a family with different situations for them needing to move to a new community. You will need to analyze the family situation and then use their schema and research to find a new community that will be a better fit for the family. Watch the following video to see how this family changed their community to better fit their family. you will make a Google Slides presentation of what your group feels is the best community and landform for their assigned family. You will present the Google Slides presentation to the class.


Each group will be assigned a family situation from below. You will need to read the situation and discuss the families needs with your group.
You will research and fill in the research recording sheet for the advantages and disadvantages for your family in each community. Then you will fill in the landform section with the landforms that best fit your family's needs.

You can use the following sites to help you decided which community and landform is the right fit for your family.


When you are finished with your research you will complete a Google Slides presentation using the following guidelines. You can find images to use in your presentations in your Communities Folder in Drive.

Google Slide Presentation

Slide 1

Picture of Family

Family Description

Slide 2

Conclusion- What community is best for your family

Two reasons for selecting that community

One reason it might not work if there is one

An image of the community

Slide 3

One community that doesn’t work

One reason why it doesn’t work

An image of the community

Slide 4

What landform is best for your family

Give a reason why it is a good fit for your family

An image of the landform

Slide 5

What city did you pick for your family to live in.


You will assess your work on the slide show and your groups presentation using the following rubric.

Community Project

Information in Slide Show

4 Reasons FOR CHOOSING this community

1 Reason why this community might not work

2 Reasons for a community that does not work

What landform is best

Slide Show

Neat, organized and correct spelling


Every group member presentating

Speak clearly, loudly and face audience.


You will share your slide shows with the class. I know the family will be happy in the new community and landform you found for them.