christopher harris


she said i was cool 1

then trough me in the pool 1

and with a splat 2

\she said that's that 2

mom said that's cruel 1

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bow I want to thank you.

for being good to me.

you never miss a target.

he did what he was told.

and never had a say

even though you dont talk

sometimes i hear you whisper

so now you know just how much i love you

i will always trian

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makes me think of

wolves make me think of animals

animals make me think of woods

woods make me think of fire

fire makes me think os anger

anger makes me think of sadness

sadness makes me think of happyness

happyness makes me think of wolves

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I'm great at parkour

I can jump over a building

I'm the most energetic runner their is

people say they can run for two days straight

to that i say ha i can run forever

I'm so good at parkour

i can do it while doing other things

like drinking,cooking and even doing homework

imagine solving a math problem while basing a house

im such a strong runner i can beat anyone

even while being tied to a car

I'm great at parkour! pioneerne indenfor parkour i danmark.jpg

acrostic poem

Play hard

On time

Killer tacticts

Evees evaluations

Moms help

Onix,s strength

Never cheat

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black is the feeling of guilt

black is what makes you cry

black smells like the movie theator

black taste like buttered popcorn

black sounds like a horrifying scream

black looks this the eyes of terror

black feels like a heavy heart beat

black makes me sink into the movie

black is that feeling inside http://the2ndscreen.tv/

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cinquain poem




does all thes things and more


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I am a pencil

I am a great artist

I work at a school

and ride my bike

sometimes im sharp and sometimes im dull

i can even talk

i am a pencilhttp://www.clipartlord.com/

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my hair is long like a stream

my eyes are the ocean

my attitude drops like an acorn

my energy stops the bear

my courage is strong like the eagles heart

my poem is scattered cats and mice

and short like a peace of bark

I am the water http://lemerg.com/

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