The San Francisco Daily

Monday August 7, 1919 By: Anna Davidson


As you may already know, the war is over! Many of our troops have already returned, but the rest are on their way. Even the Mayor's grandson will be home. There will be a celebration for all those who served on Saturday, August 15 from 5 to 8. Food will be provided by the Ladies Club.

Female Reporter Flies!

The famous opera singer, the Great Tetrazzini, was scheduled to fly over San Francisco with the lengendary pilot, Eddie Hubbard yesterday. But when her manager insisted that the air was too cold for her throat, someone else had to fly. From out of the crowd The Chronicle's reporter Hattie Brooks was picked. She soared over the city and managed to survive some of Hubbard's tricks. Later she commented that while she was flying she lost her notepad with her notes for the story. But you could say that with this kind of story she will take off!