Genuine American Silver Jewelry


Genuine American Silver Jewelry

Buying American Silver jewelry and crafts can be fun, exciting and confusing. If you are considering a gift of American Silver jewelry and crafts for a particular person or as a treat for you, take time to learn the terms used in industry. Here is some information to help you get the best quality American Silver jewelry and crafts for your money if you’re shopping in a traditional brick and mortar store or online..

Whether you are attracted by the beauty of turquoise and American Silver jewelry or land tones of, information on American Silver jewelry and crafts can help you get what you pay. Unluckily, some unscrupulous retailers sell imitation American Silver jewelry and crafts to unwary consumers.

According to the Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, after a 1935 product that is marketed as “Native American” or “Alaska” must have been made by a member state or the federal government recognized ethnic group or a certified artisan.

Tips for buying real American jewelry and crafts.

  1. Buy from an established dealer who provides a written guarantee or written verification of authenticity. Ask if your item comes with a label certification. Not all authentic American Silver jewelry and crafts carry this tag, but those who are certified by the Ministry of Interior (DOI) to be authentic. This sample tag identifies the artisan as a member of the Oklahoma Arts and Crafts cooperation. However, May you see another name and logo in the circle on the item you buy.
  2. Get a receipt that includes information on the worth of your purchase and any spoken representation by the seller. For example, if the seller tells you that the American Silver jewelry that you purchase is silver and natural turquoise and was handmade by an American craftsman make sure this information is recorded on your receipt.
  3. Before buying American Silver jewelry and crafts at powwows, annual fairs, a selection board, and other events, see the case for information on the authenticity of the products sale. Many events list their requirements in newspaper advertisements, promotional flyers and printed programs. If the organizers said nothing about the authenticity of the American Silver jewelry and crafts for sale, obtain written confirmation for any questions that you American Silver jewelry are sold as authentic.

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