Brave New World

Aldous Huxley

By: Morgan Michel

Brave New World is based on the means of an Utopian world about 600 years in the future.

Character Descriptions

The Director- Man in charge, a skilled scientist, John's biological father.

Bernard Marx- Gets threatened to be banish to Iceland by the Director, which doesn't happen because the Director quits after everyone finds out that he is a "father."

Lenina Crowne- A hard core flirt who takes too much soma and is in love with John.

John the Savage- The Director's biological son. He loves reading old literature, which is banned. His biological mother, Linda, wanted to have an abortion when she was pregnant with John. His mother slowly dies by overdosing on soma. He wants the old ways back. He later kills himself in a lighthouse because he couldn't hold onto his values and morals.

Helmholtz Watson- Friend's with Bernard and John.

Mustapha Mond- An official. After he catches John, Helmholtz, and Bernard throwing away the supply for soma, he talks to them about being exiled. He says that it is almost an award because they would be around different people, those who didn't fit into the World State, and that he's almost jealous. He says if the old ways were to come back, it would lead to unhappiness.


London, England



Science Fiction and Dystopia

Messed Up World

  • The term "Mother and Father" are known now as pornographic. All children are concocted in test tubes.
  • As infants, people are taught to hate books and flowers. Hating books gives more free time and hating flowers is so people won't enjoy nature's scenery.
  • Strong emotions are uncalled for because it led to war, disease, and social unrest.
  • The aging process was able to stop.
  • People weren't allowed to be alone to think.
  • It's a daily routine for people to consume soma.
  • Big ceremonies usually end in orgies.
  • Shakespeare and old literature isn't taught because the feelings of emotion don't exist anymore.