Maleia Bracone, Meredith Kidd, and Zariah Kay

What is bullying?

  • Bullying is tormenting in a physical, mental, or verbal way to hurt somebody.
  • It will range from hitting, pushing,or shoving.
  • Most kids think it is really funny.

How do kids feel about it?

Kids who do bullying feel?

  • The kids who do bullying feel important, popular, or in control.
Kids who are bullied feel?

Kids who are bullied feel?

  • Kids who are bullied feel afraid, sick, alone, depressed, worthless,and sometimes angry

How many kids get bullied, and other facts

  1. Over 3.2 million people are bullied every single year.
  2. Every 25 seconds a kid has been bullied.
  3. 1 out of 7 kids have been bullied
  4. Adults can be bullied too.
  5. 30% of kids die from bullying.

Self Harming

  • Some type of self harm is cutting.
  • cutting is where people get a knife and cut themselves, and it looks like cat scratches
  • they are usually on someone thighs or their wrist
  • Another self harming is committing suicide.
  • Committing suicide is when you force yourself to kill yourself.
  • Some people jump off of cliffs, drink bleach,hang themselves,shoot themselves,and overdosing.

How can we stop bullying together ?

  • If you ever see bullying happening then tell a teacher or a supervisor
  • If you do get bullied you can call a caller that helps with bullying, or tell a teacher or supervisor
  • If you are a bully then STOP!!!!!
  • Try to make friends!