Effects of Nicotine

By: Thalia I. Monteverde

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Regular lung vs Smoker's lung

Nicotine affects a smokers lungs which also affects a smokers breathing. Your lungs fill up with the tobacco you smoke and it turns your lungs black, it also slowly kills your lungs.
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Smoker vs. Non-Smoker

When you smoke a cigarette or anything with nicotine it goes straight to your brain within 10 seconds. People may use smoking as a stress reliever, but it only makes you even more stressed. Smoking also clots and thickens the blood and that affects the blood that gets sent to the brain.
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Smoking affects your mood. Smoking can make a person have lots of tension and anxiety. Its so common that people with depression are more likely to smoke. Your brain would eventually get so used to thinking that whenever you feel a little bit of anxiety or even a little sad that it would just be automatic for your brain to want to smoke.