2S Class News

Important Dates and Upcoming Events!

I can't believe that we are almost ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday! I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well. Below, please find curriculum updates and upcoming dates and events for our classroom specifically. But first, we get to experience the three European countries of Norway, France and Italy for Multi-Cultural Day on Thursday!

Upcoming Dates

11/11-Veteran's Day Assembly and Madison's Gold Coin Assembly

11/12-Multi-Cultural Day! 2nd grade visits Norway, France and Italy

11/13-Teacher Work Day, No School!

11/20-Report cards go home

11/22-11/29-No School, Thanksgiving Break!

12/11-Edison Band and Orchestra concert at 9:30

12/15-Madison's Winter Concert 7:00 PM

Curriculum Updates


-We will start our next round of Flexible Grouping after Thanksgiving Break with a unit on money. We will learn the values of coins up to $1.00, adding coin amounts up to $1.00, and eventually solving money story problems. Next week we will focus on reviewing this trimester's curriculum through math talk, problem solving strategies, story problems and centers.


-we will continue reading in our guided reading groups as always but next week specifically we will end our study on "Theme." We have discussed the themes of, responsibility and perseverance and up next, "acceptance. " We have had thoughtful discussions through many different read alouds and journaling/note taking.

-next week we will also wrap up our study on the story elements of setting, characters, and plot as well as comparing and contrasting two stories.


-next week we will review punctuation and adjectives. We will also share our "Turkey in Disguise" projects...they were awesome! Thank you for your help at home!

-The kids will have a variety of Thanksgiving "Free Write" journal topics about Thanksgiving including the ever-famous, "How to Cook a Turkey"-be sure to look in your child's red folder for that! It might be fun to share it on Thanksgiving Day for some laughs:)

Social Studies-

-we finished our unit on Landforms and map skills.

-next week we will make our "Dough Landforms" together in class and paint them so they're ready to go home by Thanksgiving Break!

Class Party...AGAIN!

Well, they did it again! Another Class Party! Unbelievable! I had them vote and we had a lot of new great ideas, but movie, PJ's and a stuffed animal is the winner again! I plan on having the party next Wednesday, 11/18. I plan on watching, "Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving." Look for a paper reminder next week in your child's red folder for any changes/updates.


With regards to the Art to Remember pieces that came home recently- Because 2S didn’t quite have the projects finished in time to mail off to Art to Remember, we didn’t get the scanned-in, personalized copies of our artwork. Instead, the original artwork pieces were sent home along with an order form and product page. If you wish to order a product, the original artwork piece will need to be sent in along with the order form.

You may also choose to order online. If you choose to go this route, you will need to get a code from Mrs. Weber. You will still will need to send in the original artwork piece.

The order deadline is this Thursday

I wish you a restful Thanksgiving with friends and family. It's a wonderful opportunity to teach our children the importance of giving thanks and being grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives. I am thankful for your children you share with me each day!
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