Pre-K All Day News

Rooms 8 & 9

A Fond Farewell

It is hard to believe that the school year, that seemed to start just yesterday, is already coming to a close! The All Day Pre-K team would like to thank you for such a wonderful and fun school year! We so appreciate you sharing your children with us and giving us the opportunity to sew the early seeds of education and a love of learning! Each of the students have made such great strides and learned so much as the months passed. It has been a joy to see them grow and mature. We will miss them next year but know they are ready to take on the next school year with confidence and wonder! We wish each and everyone one of you a fun-filled and relaxing summer.

Integrated Learning

Summer is right around the corner and the children are having fun counting down the last few days of school. As we finish up the school year we are enjoying our last theme, Authors and Nursery Rhymes. The last week will be devoted to studying author, Eric Litwin. Many of you are probably familiar with his work as author of the Pete the Cat series. During our study the children will solidify their knowledge of an author's role, an illustrator, different parts of a book and elements of a story. Learning about different characters is a great way for children to explore emotions, friendship, and problem-solving. During our study of Pete The Cat, the students will enjoy making a snack version of Pete's yellow shirt, making a hand print Pete wearing his "groovy shoes," graphing the different types of shoes the class is wearing, button sorting, and singing along as author Eric Litwin performs the musical version of his books!


Our last letter is "Zz" and we have made our way through the alphabet!!!! Zipper practice, zucchini bread, zebra strip addition and zoo number families are a few of the fun activities offered. As we finish up the year, we review our alphabet letters and sounds and work on putting our letter knowledge to use as we practice early reading skills. Over the summer, don't forget to read, read, read!!! Nothing helps a child develop reading readiness and a love of reading more than being read to on a regular basis. As the dogs days of summer set in, grab a popsicle and cool off with a good book. Many local libraries offer great summer reading clubs and a book store is a great air-conditioned place for kids to read, play and enjoy some of their favorite characters!

Environmental Science

I hope everyone found a good sunny spot to plant their child's marigold! Your child grew their plant from a seed and observed its growth for 4 weeks. Our alphabet hike, in and around our Lamplighter gardens, is always a fun and challenging activity; I asked our students to search for nature items that began with each letter of the alphabet! Another favorite sensory experience will be in the herb garden where the children smell or eat a food item (lemon, dill pickle etc.) and find the herb plant that matches that smell and taste!


The students have had such a wonderful time exploring simple machines and force and motion! A favorite activity was making a "wall coaster" with marbles and different materials as a way to explore the force of gravity and its effects on the world around us. This week, we will have even more fun as we play and experiment with force and motion through bubbles!


Wednesday, May 25 - Last day of school

Thursday & Friday, May 26-27 - Parent/Teacher conferences