The Thirteen Colonies Rebellion

(Most Significant Event in Canada)

About the Rebellion and the main person...

The Thirteen Colonies Rebellion, the most historically significant event that took place in Canada. It all started when Britain started to make the Thirteen Colonies (immigrants from Britain) pay tax for the purchase of all products. When the Thirteen Colonies refused, they started a protest against Britain, saying they will never pay tax without a say in the government. Then, it got more serious, and the protest turned into a rebellion, and the rebels made a up a motto: "No taxation without representation!" and soon after that, George Washington rounded all the patriots (people who wanted to break away from Britain) and put on a full-fledged rebellion on Britain, although some of the loyalists (loyal to Britain) forcing them to become patriotic, and joining them in the war against Britain. After long hard battling, the war ended, the Thirteen Colonies became one community, free from British rule, and that country we know as the United States of America. Of course, after it became a country, George Washington was elected president(U.S.A were democrats, so that they were not hypocritical.) Other historically significant events are: War of 1812, Napoleonic Wars, Pontiac Alliances.

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