Miss Lee's class


Week 8

We made some great gains with our social skills during Social Play time, honed our addition skills, and took our first math test!

End of the quarter

The quarter ends Friday, October 28th. We have a lot of testing coming up. Here is the tentative schedule for testing (that is subject to change):

Week 10/17-10/21: Dolch sight words, + fact test, Missing Addend Test, Fountas & Pinnell

Week 10/24-10/28: AIMSWeb, - fact test, Subtraction Test

Dolch sight words: They will just have to read the sight words that were sent home at the beginning of the year

+/- Fact test: The practice test will go home today. They have 2 minutes to do as much as they can in pencil, then another 3 to do more in another color. The point is automaticity. Please practice with flashcards and/or website/apps at home. There are some good resources on my Twitter page.

Missing Addend Test: 4 + __ = 6 Students have to draw circles to show their work and find the missing addend.

Subtraction Test: The Subtraction portion of the Unit test. Normally this test is given in full at the end of the unit (Addition, Missing Addend, and Subtraction). I have decided to chunk the test by major concepts for the first test. Practice basic addition within 10, including word problems.

Fountas & Pinnell- Students will be given a book at their level and asked to read the book. I will mark any errors and self-corrections they make. Then they will be given some comprehension questions to verbally answer. I am not giving the writing portion of the test at this time.

AIMSWeb- Students are given a grade-level passage and asked to read as many words as they can in 1 minute. I will mark how many words they read correctly, and how many errors they make.

Please let me know what questions you have about the testing! It's a lot, but I have it spread it. No one will take more than 2 "tests" a day. Most of the tests are done 1:1 with rewards after hard work.

Please let me know if you need any additional study materials or aids.