Become a Georgia Colonists !

Come get and interview with James Oglethorpe.

Become a colonists for the greatest colonie in the new world

Being a colonist in Georgia will relieve you debts and unemployment. Georgia has fantastic soul so your crops will be healthy and plentiful. Help England become self-sufficient. England would save more money and lower taxes if self-sufficient . Every (male) colonist would receive 50 acres of land of their own.

Rules for being a colonist in Georgia

There are some rules to all these privileges.

  • You must be a male to own land.
  • You cannot sell land to another farmer
  • A daughter cannot inherit their father's land.
  • You have to grow mulberrys trees on part of your land.
  • You cannot sell your crops for personal money
  • If you are Catholic, Black, a lawyer, or a alcohol dealer you cannot colonise in Georgia.

The Leaders of this exposition.

A great way to start a new!