Child Abortion

What if it was your choice?

The worst kind of child abuse is abortion.

Child abuse and child abortion go hand and hand. Killing a child just because you "aren't ready to be a parent" or the child "wasn't planned" is not justifiable. There are other options.

There are other options.

There are websites that can help find alternative other than abortion. is a good site to fnd these alternatives

our fatal victims

Be the one to start an end

Start a group and involve all ages to bring an end to this cruel topic

Who it affects

Abortion affects more people than you think, it affects the parents, the child, the doctor and in some ways the people. In any way sticking up for someone in one way or another can affect many people you can save a life of someone that can be someone special. Everyones life matters because they can affect someones life and help them with problems they may have. The child that you just chose to kill could have saved someone from commiting suicide, Or risking someone elses life.