WeHo Enrichments 2013-2014

Welcome New Committee Members!

September 4, 2013

Dear Committee Members:

Thank you to those who stepped up and joined our Committee yesterdays Volunteer Fair. So many of us feel (sort of know :) ) that - aside from our great parent pool - FOWHE Enrichments is a big part of what makes this school so special. With your help, it's going to be a great year!

In the meantime...I'd like to share some info with our newest members. Our school is currently moving towards a Common Core and Project Based Curriculum. This includes both Readers and Writers workshop and this year, each class will engage in at least one PBL (Project Based Learning Project). Enrichments are here to help support our Teachers in bringing their curriculum to life. (Please see Mission Statement below).

Right now we are in the process of gathering information for our Teaching Staff such as Units of Study, PBL projects, special interests/requests, and what Enrichments from 2012/2013 they'd like to bring back.


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH - @ 8:30 - On Campus - location TBD

This first meeting will enable us to meet in person, identify each members areas of interest/expertise, available hours, exchange ideas and share resources. We'll be sharing information about Study Units and PBL projects for each class along with lists of materials needed for their projects.

For those of you who would like to propose/present an Enrichment to our school (we LOVE this!) I will send a link to an Enrichment Proposal Form. It's short, easy to fill out and only requires very basic information. Remember, Enrichments include Assemblies, Bus Field Trips, Walking Field Trips, Guest Speaker and Workshops. If you'd like to come in and teach Art once or once a week, that is an Enrichment. We want to be able to review and track proposals, especially those that arrive either partially or fully funded.

We realize that your time is valuable. Initially, we'd like to set a regular monthly meeting for the 2nd Friday of every month. As our Enrichments calendar starts to lock, we'll try our best to go virtual. I promise to have coffee at each meeting --

Please Welcome Shana Mathur as our ENRICHMENTS CO-CHAIR

Yay, Shana!! Shana is an Organizational Master and has been an invaluable member of the Enrichments Committee. She has two sons, Brijen (Mr. Abney's) and Sajan (Mrs. Pando's). Next week Shana will be personally following up with staff to get information on Study Units. We are shooting to have this information by September 6th.

JOEL MEJIA - Committee Parent Liaison

Many of you might already know Joel who heads Hospitality. Joel has a daughter (Janette, Mrs. Libby's) and son, Jonathan (Mrs. Simon's). He will be serving as our Committee Parent Liaison, working closely with your Room Parents (and volunteers) on everything from enlisting field trip chaperones to resourcing supplies for PBL's. We want all of our parents to invest in Enrichments and Joel will help make this happen.


A Chinese proverb states:

Tell me, I’ll forget

Show me, I’ll remember

Involve me, I’ll understand

Children learn most effectively when information is presented within a context rather than as isolated facts or principles. FOWHE ENRICHMENTS seeks to assist Teachers in making their curriculum come alive by creating a set of integrated Enrichments (integrated into existing Core Standards and Study Units) connecting academic disciplines to activities which help form a meaningful context.

Modern education realizes that students acquire information through the various intelligences. Through Curriculum Enrichments children are involved in a hands-on process of experiential learning which not only speaks to those various intelligences but also leads to a high level of engagement, full participation, and active rather than passive learning. We also extend learning outside of the classroom through field trips, workshops and outdoor enrichments that work to enhance both academic and social growth.

Our goal is to support our Teachers curriculum and build lifelong learners – people who are excited about learning, curious, willing to take risks and who are comfortable with making choices and trying out new ideas. We aim to influence the success of students, encouraging them to invest in themselves, in the success of others, and to have compassion for and patience with their fellow beings.


Thanks again! Welcome aboard. See you Sept. 13th.

Angela Galletta

(Joseph Levy's mom)

FOWHE Enrichments