Welcome to the New School Year!


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WELCOME BACK! I hope you all found this past summer to be filled with days of calm, laughter, and warm memories to fill your soul. I find myself relishing those moments when I am going about my day and having to pause and think, "Wait a minute. What day is it today?" And then inevitably, a small smile always appears on my face as a subconscious way to signal that I've been getting lost in the summer days. This summer, I promised myself to really relish those moments. I hope you took the chance to take it all in as well.

The office team has been busy getting ready for our best school year ever! We can't wait to welcome back seasoned colleagues, new colleagues, and most importantly our students. As the start of the year draws nearer, many of you have been working in your classrooms, meeting together as a team, or working from home looking at resources and new ideas online. The point is, all of you as good educators, are always thinking about school, even in the summer. I thank you all for taking some of this time to grow while still recharging.

As always, the new year brings important updates to share. I have organized them below so you are up to date for the start of the school year! Enjoy and I will see you all very soon!

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Staffing Updates

Did I mention that it's been a busy summer? Busy, but well worth the time spent in order to hire some fantastic new team members that will love our students and continue to strengthen our school family. Below is some additional information about our newest teammates.

The following team members are no longer with us but please join me in wishing them the very best in their future endeavors!

  • Tina Smock
  • Gina Serbin
  • Marilyn Voelker

New Hires:

  • Welcome, Brice Piotrowski - KDG
  • Welcome, Tammy Westin - 1st grade
  • Welcome, Anne Barth - 3rd grade
  • Erin Nahrstadt - 4th grade (Erin's additional information will be sent out in a separate email later this week)

Team Member Shifts:

  • Kyla McDaniel - Moved from 3rd grade to 1st grade
  • Leslie Frobig - Moved from 1st grade to 3rd grade
  • Melisa Benefiel - 1st grade high ability
  • Justin Patten - 0.6 position to 1.0 position
  • Dr. Amanda Slonaker (ZCS's Child Development Lead & Clinical Neuropsychologist) - She will also be SGE's school psychologist
  • Kevin Row - Psychology intern
  • Randee Kleeman - 1 day a week at SGE (will be here two 1/2 days)
  • Diane Detwiler - Moved from gen ed. IA to USS IA
  • Mandy Keller - Increased 40 hours/week
  • Welcome, Joan Brandt - Additional Title 1 teacher supporting both EE and now SGE

Team Members still to hire:

  • Two USS IAs

August 2018 Back To School Schedule

Our first three days is almost here! To find out more about our "Back To School" Schedule, please click here to view the PDF (located in our Office 365 Stonegate Staff files) or view the document attached to the email.

18-19 Master Calendar of Events

Team, this document has been finalized and you can now view it in our Office 365 Stonegate Staff files by clicking here or view the document attached to this email. This is a list of all of our annual SGE and PTO calendar of events.

Friendly Reminder . . . Important *elementary-only* assessment dates for the school year

While all of these 18-19 assessment dates (see pictures below) may not apply to everyone, please be aware that they will impact all or some of our grade levels. Be sure to place what is applicable to you in your calendar.

This file has been edited to reflect the dates that impact ELEMENTARY only. Click here to access the file.

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