BayLight Launch

A NEW venue for Student cultural adventure encounters



Students will be surrounded by New Zealand history. Wide open spaces and opens minds. This is more than just a camp. It’s a chance for children to understand their place in the world, to achieve and grow their self-belief.

They’ll learn about themselves, New Zealand and about each other. And that’s the beginning of something special – a generation who operate with self-awareness, assurance and empathy.

And where a better a place to learn than the home of New Zealand’s founding agreement. – The Bay of Islands.

It’s our contribution to a new New Zealand. One that honours what’s gone before, gives a voice to all people and creates a unifying platform from which to forge ahead.

Sharing the Experience

MORNINGS ESOL lessons or a project in English for the week

AFTERNOONS Waitangi Sailing Pompallier House Russell museum R Tucker Thompson Project Island song Bush walk Marsden Cross Kayaking Mountain biking

NIGHT ACTIVITIES Formal dinner Fish and Chips on beach Movie night Glow worms Fishing

Welcome to Baylight

BayLight is a venture in association with the Villa Group of schools [Auckland NZ] such that we can offer a unique package to international school groups [60 max per group]

Option A: 1 week at a Villa School + 1 week at BayLight [groups rotating between school and BayLight

Option B 1 or 2 week at BayLight [standalone]

Option C 1 or 2 weeks at Villa Schools [60 students spread over 3 sites]

We will work to ensure each group achieves what it wants and the options agreed on are workable for all parties

Looking forward to a conversation to make this workable

Bruce Knox

International Manager