Snow Leopard

Moon Critter


-Snow leopards eat whatever meat they can find, such as carrion.

-They can also hunt animals three to four times their size. These animals include the bharal, Himalayan tahr, markhor and argali, which are types of sheep and goats.

-Snow leopards are also known to eat birds and hares.(WIK)


-Snow leopards can be found in the high rugged mountains of Central Asia ( Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, India, Bhutan , Uzbekistan etc.) .

-They prefer to reside in rocky outcrops, ravines , broken terrain and cliffs.(KEWA)


-It is usualy very cold in their habitat, since they live in high mountains in Central Asia.

- Since they live in cold areas, they are equipped with thick fur and enlarged nasal cavities.(SLO)


-Snow leopards can live 15 to 18 years, but they can live up to 20 years in captivity.(SLATB)


-Snow leopards, unlike most cats, hunt by themselves. They can use their speed (up to 30 miles per hour) and their stalking abitlites to hunt their prey with ease.(SLO)

Interesting Facts

-Snow leopards can leap further than any other cat, jumping up to 40 feet.

-Snow leopards, unlike other cats, have the inability to roar.

-Their long tails are able to help them balance well.(SL)


-The snow leopard is a mammal and a carnivore. It has fur, and it could be spotted as well.(SL)

-They also have sharp teeth used to tear flesh off their prey and have hind legs which help contribute the hunting its prey.(KEWA)


-Snow leopards mate anywhere from January to mid-March.

-It takes 3 to 3.5 months to produce cubs during pregnancy.(SLF)


-Snow leopards have no predators, but they face the fact that humans destroy their habitats and kill plenty of snow leopards.(NGFK)

Why are they endangered?

-They are endangered because people are moving into their range and cutting down their habitat. Hence there are only about 600-700 leopards in zoos and anywhere between 3500-7000 of them in the wild.

-Poachers, or people who illegaly hunt animals, frequently shoot them down for their fur, so zoos are trying to save them by protecting them.(SLO)

Body Structures

-Snow leopards have hind legs, which can help them stalk prey from 20 to 50 feet away.

-Their fur helps them camouflage perfectly with their terrain.(SLO)


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