Political Cartoon Analyses

By DJ Arnold

Modern economical


In the picture, the football team on the right seams to be disciplined and by the red helmets with the yellow star and their jerseys I can tell that the country is China. However, the team on the right seems to be out of line and fighting each other. By the details of their uniforms I can determine that the team on the right is the United States. Above the entire scene on the top of the stadium, it says, "The Great Economic Super Bowl," which is obviously referring to the Super Bowl. The cartoonist believes that China is in line with it's finances and their economy is the best in the world. However, as displayed in the cartoon, the U.S. economy is in ruins and are always fighting among themselves. I can tell because the Chinese "team" or economy is lined up and organized and the U.S. "team" or economy is out of line and fighting each other. Also, the title of the game is "The Great Economic Super Bowl" which means that China has the best economy because the winner of the Super Bowl is considered the best team in football.

Reconstruction economical


In the picture, I can see that many people are harassing President Ulysses S. Grant about the "Economy Cake" and how everybody wants a piece. This represents the Terrible economy during the Reconstruction era and how everybody was demanding so much from the government and they were unable to provide the things they were asking. The cartoonist believed that the government was not great and could have been better at getting the people what they want. They think that the economy during Reconstruction was terrible and did not get better for a while because of the people demanding so much of it. I can tell this because the people are civilians demanding a piece of the "Government Cake" which can relate to the economy and the title at the bottom of the picture that says, "A Nice Family Party." This is obviously being said sarcastically and is not true at all. As you can see above, the economy is still down and is not as good as it could be. This shows that it is still a problem today.

Modern Political


It the picture, two politicians are talking at a desk. these men are most likely democrats. It seems that way because they are talking about what libertarians think of them and libertarians are almost conservatives but don't believe in all the same things, (Conservatives are almost always Republicans.) One of the men is standing holding a newspaper, and the other is African American that is sitting behind the desk. Seeming that there is an American flag at the African Americans side, and that he has a business suit on, I can tell that he is President Barack Obama. The cartoonist believes that President Obama is spying on his political competition by hacking their Email accounts. I can tell because in the man standing's speech bubble it says, "I wonder what Civil Libertarians think of us now?" The President responded to this by saying, "Pull up their Email accounts and let's have a look." This shows that spying has not gone away and is still a modern political Issue.

(1st speech bubble says, "I wonder what Civil Libertarians think of us now?")

(2nd speech bubble says, "Pull up their Email accounts and let's have a look.")

Reconstruction Political


In the picture, their is a man thinking about something. This man is President Andrew Johnson because of his facial features and his thought. The cartoonist thinks that the U.S. government used the method of spying to maintain the union during the reconstruction period. I can tell because Andrew Johnson was the president during that period and was the president after Abraham Lincoln. The thought bubble leading out if Johnson's head reads, "I my day, we used spying to maintain the union." This means that the method of spying was used to keep the union together. In the political cartoon above, you can see that spying is still used today be politicians for slightly different purposes.

Modern Social


In the picture, two young children are attempting to attend a school but are denied access due to race. On the right a young African American girl in 1963 seems to be shocked that their was a "Whites Only" sign on the door of a public school. On the left, and 48 years after the other picture took place, Hispanics are now denied the right to attend public schools. The cartoonist believes that after 48 years, racism has not gone away but has merely changed direction targeting a new racial group. However, since 1864 when the Emancipation Proclamation was passed as a law, blacks were still denied the right to vote and children the right to attend public school

Reconstruction Social


In the picture, there are two men shaking hands and holding a banner or flag. One of the men appears to be a farmer from the south and the other appears to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan. On the banner, there are two African Americans, kneeling and holding their heads. The cartoonist believes that the Ku Klux Klan was a terrible organization in the 1870's that worked in the south. I can tell because the K.K.K. was the original american terrorist organization that hunted down African American's with political power. These politicians were wiped, beaten, shot, and sometimes hung in the street. The cartoon features a southern man and a member of the K.K.K. holding a banner with 2 African Americans covering their heads. They also appear to be shaking hands which infers that the K.K.K. and white southerners had some kind of alliance or agreement about terrorizing African Americans. The banner has a skull and cross-bones with the words, "Worse than Slavery" written underneath. This means that the terror of the K.K.K. was worse than the terror of slavery. As pictured above, you can see that America has not eliminated racism but has just simply targeted another common race in America, the Hispanic race. However, because of the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, it is clear that racism can still be viewed against African Americans.