Automated Teleporter Helmet

made by MSN, Most Succsessful Non-sense

What does this amazing invention do?

Well it's an invention that will revolutionize the use of video games and movies. The automated Teleporter helmet, or A.T.H, can take you in your favourite video game or movie with a push of a button. All you have to do is put on the unbelievably stylish helmet, attatchthe removable button on your gaming system or D.V.D player, press the "start" button on your helmet and have fun! On the helmet you will find another button, this btton will take you out of the game or movie. You can also customize your helmet with colours from blue to megenta. You can also have your name printed on the top of your helmet.

Appropriate for target audiance?

Our company, MSN, thought this product was very suitable for the 12-18 age group, only because at this age the teens enjoy playing video games more, which is because the video games are more interesting. Also considering that i am part of this age group, when I ask someone what they did oon the weekend or on vacation, at least one person would say they payed lots of video games or they watched a new movie. Tell me who wouldn't want to be in a video game or a movie?

Interesting Facts

Educationaly Helpful!!

So, are you wondering how this invention is educatoinal? Well, personally I think it's easier to learn by expiriencing the event. Well now you can! With the A.T.H you can just pop in a D.V.D on a subject you learning about in school. In the movie you can talk to the characters and understand their point of view, without changing the events in the movie.

Parental Advisory

With this product, a parent can see what their child is playing or watching. They just have to download the A.T.H app, and they have complete control over what their child is doing. Also, the parent can turn off the gaming system from their smartphone at any time, or they could set a time limit for their child everyday.