The Diary of Anne Frank


Biography Paragraph

Mr. Van Daan is the husband of Mrs.Van Daan and the father of Peter Van Daan.

He takes his family into hiding from the Nazis, and hides with the Franks in the secret annex. Some examples of his traits are greedy, stubborn, and anxious. He is greedy many times in the play, such as when he eats the bread instead of sharing it. He is also stubborn, for when he wants to sell his wife's fur coat, she say no, but he keeps asking and begging to sell it, saying that people out in the cold needed it. Finally, an example of him being anxious, or worried, is when the hear a noise, he assumes that it's the Green Police.

Symbol Paragraph 1

One thing that symbolizes Mr. Van Daan is a rat. A rat is very small, so it must be aware of it's surroundings. Mr. Van Daan is anxious and nervous often. Another trait they have in common is greediness. Rats are often seen as greedy, and Mr. Van Daan definitely has greediness in him. An example of him being greedy is when he steals the bread.

Symbol Paragraph 2

Something else that could symbolize Mr. Van Daan is a bag of money. This represents him because of his greed. It could also symbolize his anxiety. If you had a bag full of money, you might be paranoid of someone stealing it. An example of greed is when he wants to sell his wife's coat, even though she doesn't want to. An example of his anxiety is when he instantly assumes it's the Green Police whenever he hears a noise below the annex.