The Race to Space

A Scientific Advancement to Reach the Moon and Back

Save the Date for the First Person on the Moon

We, NASA, want to invite you to watch the first humans walk on the moon with us. The Race to space has lasted for over a decade starting with the Soviet Union sending the satellite, Sputnik, into space. From there, we sent a satellite into space because we wanted to make sure the Soviet Union wasn't getting ahead or spying on us. From there our technology got better and the race started to be the first person on the moon. We got photos from space, orbited the moon, sent animals to space and much more. There was a parallel to our scientifical race against the Soviet Union and the Cold War. Like in the Cold War, we still wanted to have the lead with technology. Now that we finally beat the Soviet Union, we would like to celebrate and watch Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land and walk on the moon

Landing on the Moon

Sunday, July 20th 1969 at 9am

2 Center Street

Kennedy Space Center, FL

Please bring your own food and lawn chairs. We are going to stream the video live from a projector. RSVP to this via Email or on Facebook Messenger.