Prom Draw on 'The Today Show'

aquin prom draw on 'The Today Show' . 3.21.17

And the story continues . . .

Thanks to many notifications this morning, I was able to capture the Orange Room discussion on 'The Today Show' (yes, 'The Today Show' with Matt Lauer from NYC). Overall the conversation was positive, except for the comment by Carson Daly about how he doesn't agree with the school "forcing" the students to have the annual Prom Draw. (Note: the students vote every year to carry on the tradition--it is NOT forced by the school).

There is a currently a poll running on 'The Today Show's Twitter:

"One school in Illinois randomly assigns prom dates so everyone has one. What do you think..should schools assign prom dates?"

In light of how the question is posed, it is not truly representing the Aquin Prom Draw. Please feel free to vote or send your comments to 'The Today Show' via the link below.

Click here for the Twitter poll on the Today Show.

On the positive side . . .

Last night, I received a very harsh email via our website. I am sharing it here (omitting the sender's name) so you can see that once complete information is given regarding our tradition, people realize their error. And note, this is just an example of many similar responses I have received.

  • Are you a new Nazi's regime or just really stupid? We live in the land of Freedom. Each child should choose their own date to the prom. Maybe I should choose your next Governor, or wife/husband because I know better than you OR maybe I think I do. Grow up. Really?

I responded:

  • Unfortunately, you are making your statements without complete information on our time-honored tradition which the students vote each year to maintain. They choose to have their Prom this way. There are 2 other school dances during the year in which they ask their own date. Our Prom has the highest percentage of participation than any other dance.

    It is unfortunate that Fox 32 Chicago chose to represent this story in the way that they did. I invite you to read more on this story on our website at There is also more clarification about this event from our local media and our response to Fox 32's misrepresentation at Hopefully, once you read the complete story, you will understand more fully the unique tradition held at our school.

    Thank you.

I received the following response this morning:

  • I read your links and I must apologize. Apparently I fell for the main stream media’s half truth reporting. I’m sure you can see from what I read, how ridiculous it sounded. One thing I’ve been preaching for some time now is not to fall for the media spin that apparently is not exclusive to our new President and new Administration and yet, I fell right into the hole, I am embarrassed. I guess you CAN teach an old new tricks. So please, again, accept my apology. Thank you for taking the time to set me straight.

My thankful reply:

  • Thank you very much for your reply and apology. I very much understand how you and the many, many others who have responded in similar ways have felt upon reading the Fox 32 interpretation. It is a sad commentary on the state of journalism in today's world.

    Apology accepted.

    Thank you again!