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Mrs. Struve's Third Grade Classroom

Mastering our Multiplication Facts

We have officially began our Multiplication Karate Challenge! Students cut out flash cards as we move through the factors to study facts they miss. Students are excited to earn their "belts", and their work has been very impressive! I included a couple tricks and rhymes we have used in class. Students love making up their own rhymes too!

In class, we have started focusing on decomposing numbers, or breaking apart numbers, to solve multiplication problems. We will establish connections between decomposing numbers and the distributive property of multiplication. This skill is essential for completing mental math, estimating, and will be useful to solve larger multiplication problems in the future.

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ELA: Digging Deeper into Informational Text

This week scholars have practiced finding the main idea in the text, and using illustrations to aid in meaning. In reading we focused on strategies to find the main idea before, during, and after reading.

In writing, scholars are applying what they have learned to write an informational magazine article on glaciers. Students are lead through guided writing lessons, and strategies to write powerful introductions and elaborate with detail are modeled. Students identify, create, and draw their own text features to include in their articles.

Writing Strategies Modeled this Week are:

Introductions: Introductions grab the reader's attention and introduce the topic. We introduced our article by describing a scene, and then connecting it to the topic of glaciers. We also included a definition of a glacier.

Supporting Paragraphs: There are many opportunities for elaboration we have seen within our mentor text in the classroom. We practiced adding detail by comparing and contrasting information using adjectives or linking words.

Looking Ahead:

Today students chose a topic to begin researching independently to complete their own magazine article using the skills we have practiced. Be sure to ask your child what they are researching! All topics were chosen and based on our current text, About Earth, by Pauline Cartwright.

Scholar Scientists: Investigating the Human Body

There are 206 bones in our body, and each serve an important purpose. Students have constructed skeleton puzzles and observed their peers jumping rope to further understand how complex the human skeleton is. Today we dissected owl pellets to establish connections between rodent and human bones. The students had a blast!
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Scholars as Historians: Early Native Americans of Illinois

This week students are finishing up their trading cards recording important facts and information about Native Americans who were the first people to live in what is now present day Illinois. We have focused on sentence formation, locating key details, and organizing information. Students will have the opportunity to trade cards with their peers once they are completed.

Inner Explorer

I am very excited to share about this wonderful opportunity our classroom has been chosen to participate in! Each day our classroom will listen to a short audio leading students through a mindfulness activity, which prompts them to focus on breathing and thinking skills. This engages students in reflection, provides them with strategies to use both inside and outside the classroom, and prepares them for learning in the classroom. Students have welcomed this into our classroom, and we have been able to establish connections to what we have already learned about our brain and learning. I encouraged students to share about their experiences and what they are learning at home.
Inner Explorer Introduction Brief

Important Dates Next Week

Monday, December 7th: New Math Research Given to Students- Due the following Monday!

Tuesday, December 8th: Author Visit~ Betty Kay & Mutual Ground Presentation

Thursday, December 10th: Chapter 8 Math Test

Friday, December 11th: Glacier Writing Paper Due (Any work that needs to be completed will be sent home on Thursday.)