Monday Memo

January 11, 2016


Just a reminder that it's time to administer the NSGRA again. I know that many of you have started already. They should be finished for the 2nd marking period report card. Please see me if you would like to discuss options for administering them.

Sorry for the confusion regarding the Knighthawks tickets. Just so you know, we are unable to give out tickets like this. As a public school, we are not allow to promote for-profit businesses. We are hoping to have the pledges in this week's Wednesday envelope.

Don't forgot to sign up for your Professional Learning Walk. There are still spots available for January dates. This is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with each other.

Here's some pictures from last week's assembly (Thanks Julia!)...


Tracy/Trish, DeNero, Mazzota

PM: Grattan, Roman, Buschang

Monday, January 11

  • SST meets with Stephanie Pelcher, 12:30 pm, Teacher Center
  • BOE Meeting, 7 pm, Board Room
  • Mark Bower visiting classrooms

Tuesday, January 12

  • SST, 9:30 am, Reading Room
  • Mock Newbery Club Field Trip

Wednesday, January 13

    Thursday, January 14

    • Margaret @ Elementary Principals Forum in AM
    • Grade Level Meetings for Kindergarten and Fifth Grade in Teacher Center Room
    • PTA Meeting, 6:30 pm, TJC Library

      Friday, January 15


      Websites, Blogs or Twitter accounts worth checking out

      Below are some websites or blogs I have found that I thought might be of interest to some of you. I will also add some interesting people to follow on twitter.

      A Spark of Inspiration

      Spark of Inspiration is a collaborative blog. The authors teach a variety of grade levels. The current post is about organizing for Guided Reading. Some interesting past posts (once you scroll past all the Christmas giveaway posts) include "Differentiating Math Centers With Dice" and Accountable Talk. You can also follow them on Facebook and