Richard Avedon

A Photographer's Life

About Richard Avedon

Richard was born on May 15, 1923 and died on October 1, 2004 he lived until the age of 81. His parents were Anna Avedon and Jacob Israel Avedon. He went to school at "The New School," "Columbia University," and "Dewitt Clinton High School." He was married to Doe Avedon for 5 years and then later got remarried to Evelyn Franklin, for 13 years. He had one child, John F. Avedon, his son. He also had won an award for his art, it was called HASSELBLAD AWARD.

How He Got Into Photography

In 1944 Avedon worked as and advertising photographer for a small department store, he was noticed and endorsed by Alex Brodovitch who was an art director for a fashion magazine called Vogue. He then got to join Harpers Bazaar for Vogue when one of their employees left he took their spot. This was the beginning of his career.
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How He Became Famous

The start of Avedon becoming famous all started with that little department store. He had always liked photography, once he got that job and people noticed him, his career took off. In 1946 he opened his own studio up and started taking pictures for Life, Vogue, and Graphis Magazines. In 1952 he became Staff Editor and photographer for "Theatre Arts Magazines."

His Photography Art Style

Avedon wasn't your normal photographer, most people in his time took pictures of people with no emotion and straight faces. Avedon made sure that when he was taking his pictures they were full of emotions. They were always either smiling, laughing, or in action, which in his time this was revolutionary. He took his pictures in black white to picture the pure essence and beauty of his models, he wanted to capture every detail he possibly could and felt he had when in black and white.
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What He Had to Say About His Work

He always would say his goal was to capture the true beauty in others. He wanted people to be smiling or just being them in his pictures because that's when they were the prettiest. He had some exotic poses and people pose for him. Some famous quotes by him were "I am always stimulated by people. Almost never by ideas" "Faces are the ledgers of our experience" and many more.

Why I Appreciate His Artwork

I appreciate his artwork because I love his whole point of photographing people. His pictures were absolutely beautiful and his whole point of them was to have the posers be themselves. I really like how he thought when taking his pictures, I was glad I got to research him.