GeOrGiA 7 DaY TrIp

By: Oron (TheBoss!!!!) Williams

Day 1

  • Today, July 15, We Are Going To Wild Adventures, In Valdosta, GA. The Park Began In 1996 As A Small Petting Zoo And Grew To Become One Of The Top 50 Theme Parks In North America. It Will Take Us 2hrs And 46mins.

Day 2&3

  • Today, July 16, We Are Going To The Georgia Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium opened in 2005, thanks to a $250 million gift from Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus. .We're Also Going To Six Flags White Waters. Six Flags White Water was constructed by Silver Dollar City.It Will Take Us 3hrs. and 37mins.

Day 4

  • We Are Going To The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Today, July 17. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway started operations in 1998. It Will Take Us 1hr And 44mins.

Day 5

On July 18 We Are Going To Lookout Mountain. Lookout Mountain was the scene of the "Last Battle of the Cherokees" .It Will Take Us 1hr And 52mins.

Day 6

Today, July 18, We Are Going Rock City Gardens. By the time the American Civil War reached the slopes of Lookout Mountain, more and more people had discovered what was already at that time being called the Rock City.It Will Take Us 32mins To Get There.

Day 7

Today, July 18, On Our Way Back We Will Be Going To The Little Grand Canyon. A 3.6-mile loop trail that has drastic changes in elevation - from 350 to 700 feet at the trailhead We're Staying There For About 3hrs. Then We're Going Home.

Total Cost.

Gas Milage: $404.16, Lodging: $120, Food: $175. Total Cost: $699.16