Monday Brief

May 27

End of Year Check Out

The end of year check out copies were made and are in the front lounge. You only need exit interview if leaving district (Diane-I will put in your box) and the summer school/retention form if you have kids that fit one of these areas. I cannot believe it's time for this!!!

Technology Check Out-From Mario Salinas

With the end of the school year upon us, we would like to go over some recommended end of year procedures:

1.) Please ensure your data is being backed up to, either, your Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive cloud accounts.

2.) Campuses will be leaving their computers and other tech equipment in the classrooms. There is no need to unplug all cables from the computer. All that needs to be unplugged are any cables going from your classroom computer to the wall. Please do not store technology in closets or cabinets to aid in the set up next year.

3.) If you are moving classrooms please do not put your technology with your classroom items to be moved. The technology is assigned to the room and should stay. This includes desktops, doc cameras, laptops, etc.

4.) Please return any borrowed technology from carts (ipads & laptops) so they can be worked on over the summer.

5.) If you need your laptop during the summer to work on curriculum, and it has been approved by the principal attached is a check out document that you will need to fill out and email back both to your campus secretary and

If you have any questions, please let us know. X9208

Have a great summer.


Let's go out in style and wear our spirit shirts and shorts the last day!


About 25 intermediate kiddos to help on Thursday from 9:00-9:45. Anyone need some help at that time? If so, how many?

Last Call for Tutorial Timesheets. They will be turned in on Tuesday.

Summer School Assignments

Please keep a lookout for my email regarding Summer School Assignments by the end of the day Tuesday. Please review for any discrepancies so summer school teachers can start planning.


For the beginning of school deal at the auditorium next year, they are looking for students to "perform." Please let me know if you have any students with a talent they can perform and I will share with central office. Thank you!

From Mrs. Howard

All- Please send this out to your staff. I would like for them to complete this short survey about the substitute teachers this year. Any feedback is welcome. I will be adjusting my Orientation, this summer, based on the feedback I receive.

Click on the link and it will take you to your FBISD Google account. Complete the form and hit submit. That easy! J

Classroom Visits for 2019-2020

So...I've been re-reading Innovator's Mindset (since we didn't get to it this year, I want try and get there next year) any case...I had an idea! My personal goal (it seems always) is to get into the classrooms more. I've tried various ways, but then as I read I had a thought! Just like George talks about individualizing for students needs, I want to try and do this next year with classroom visits as well!!!! Please complete the attached Google form to help me with this goal. Thank you!
2019-2020 Classroom Visits

Please complete this survey before we start the new school year :).

3rd to 4th Grade Universal Screener

Please use ONLY your tab. Be VERY CAREFUL on edits.

4th to 5th Grade Universal Screener

Please use ONLY your tab. Be VERY CAREFUL on edits.


27 Memorial Day-No School

28 Good Choice Parker Pool

10:00-11:30 Beckwith, Wilson, White, Hurst, Elliott, Bentz

12:00-1:30 Atkinson, Falany, Messina, Ready, McClendon, Jones

29 Good Choice Parker Pool

10:00-11:30 McAliley, Jackson, Cooper, Ames, Flores, Alvarado

12:00-1:30 Steward, Kaspar, Robinson, Clark, Ainsworth, Rowe

30 Good Choice Parker Pool

10:00-11:30 Fordyce, Lopez, Almaraz, Tweddle

30 Last Day of School & Report Cards

30 School Board Meeting

31 Teachers' Last Day

May Birthdays!

May 1 Mrs. Ortiz

May 1 Amy Brock

May 5 Angela Paxton (Military Counselor)

May 11 Erin Steward

May 23 Jessica Garcia

May 27 Brigette Fordyce

May 28 Roxann Steinbruck

May 30 Donna Kesselring


Jun 02 Julia Williams

June 10 Margaret Harms

June 13 Lisl Ames

June 3 Anthony McCormick

June 22 Maude Revette

Jul 10 Tera Edge

Jul 20 Misty Beckwith

Jul 29 Carla Messina

Jul 30 April Featherby

July 10 Denise Garza

July 14 Shannon Gusler

July 18 Nicole Biggerstaff

June 19 Melissa McPartlin

July 30 Pam Webster

Aug 2 Chuck Almaraz

Aug 4 Gina Bentz

Aug 8 Codie Rowe

Aug 12 Amanda Wilson

Aug 27 Star Loucks

Aug 29 Melissa Pena