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Proloquo2Go: Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

Use the award winning AAC app for your student with a Communication Disorder!

PROLOQUO2GO is an award winning AAC app created in 2009 that pairs with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for people who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak at all. This software can be adapted and used to suit the needs of a wide range of students with varying literacy levels and communication needs such as apraxia, articulation, cleft palate, language disorders, phonological disorders, stuttering, Austism, down syndrome, and dysphasia. The sofware features natural-sounding voices and speech can be generated by the tap of a button, symbol, or simply by typing using an on-screen keyboard equipped with word prediction. This device can help any student communicate at home, in school, at work, in the community, anywhere, anytime!

Key features!

PROLOQUO2GO has the following features:

  • Available in American English, British English, Australian English and Indian English voices
  • 2 research-based vocabulary organizations: Basic Communication and Core Word
  • Built-in natural sounding Text to Speech voices from Acapela Group
  • Support for other languages and voices is in the works for ceation
  • Self-learning multi-word prediction for typing full paragraphs in Typing View
  • Symbol-based communication with over 14,000 built-in SymbolStix LLC symbols
  • Multi-user support makes it easy for therapists and teachers to support multiple users on one device
  • Automatic conjugation of verbs powered by Ultralingua technology
  • Automatic plurals and possessives for nouns
  • Page and button level control over appearance
  • Easy and fast organization of the vocabulary based on frequency of use with VocaPriority™
  • Extensive customization options: number of columns (1-12) and rows (1-12), color, ordering, interactivity, restrictions, speech
  • One-button addition of new vocabulary buttons and folders
  • Quick access to recently spoken items for the last 15 minutes, last hour, all the way up to one week back

Academic Uses

Proloquo2go incorporates a number of features that are aligned with evidence-based practices in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). ASD evidence based practices supported by this app consist of visual augmented input, graphic activity schedules, Social Stories, picture exchanged communication system (PECS), Power cards, contingency maps, rule charts, and cognitive rehearsal scripts. It helps with the visual support and symbolization for receptive and expressive communication for individuals with communication and verbal disorders or issues.

Students can use this software and symbol sets to communicate with parents, teachers, therapists, and peers by the touch of a button. They can use the software to do hw that requires writing, vocabulary, speaking, grammar, language, numbers, and symbols. Students have the ability to complete their hw by saving it on the device or having a scribe record their answers. They can do anything a normal communicating adult or child can with use of the this device. Students can also use the device to schedule and interact in any environment. The exact possibilities and circumstances are dependent on your student or childs needs.

Learning Goals & Challenges

Students using this program will still have specefic goals written by a special education teacher or therapist for their individual conditions of growth to be met. The annual goals should be observable, measurable, increase in time, increase in behaviors, and focus on specefic knowledge skills or behaviors the student should exhibit when learnt. A reasonable number should be given to students based on their needs and present abilities and specefic criteria should be given for each goal as well as a method and proper evaluation. These goals should be obtainable in a year and enhance the students ability to progress in a general education or inclusive setting.

Goals for this program can be in the categories of social, language, verb usage, nouns, sentence building, sentence structure, vocabulary, typing, scheduling, verbal and visual recognition, symbol recognition, colors, ordering, food groups, health, hygiene, interactivity, math, numbers, etc. These are only a suggested group of categories that can be tested with proloque2go. The parent, special education teacher, therapist, and child should have goals specefically linked to accomodate the childs individual status and condition. Therefore all goals for the program will be different.

Classroom Implementation Strategies

Classroom implementation strategies for this software should come with certain rules, restrictions, training, and guideines for proper usage by the student and the class. Students should be trained on the usage and navigation of the product individually before it is brought into the classroom. Students should also then be breifed on the expectations, rules, restrictions, and guidelines for when the program should be used. The teacher, student, parents, and therapists should all work together to create a uniform plan. Students should know what is expected and what consequences will arise when used inappropriately. The best way to make this plan is in a meeting and by creating a contract for the usage of the product by the student. The teacher should also explain to the other students in the classroom the purpose of the software and why the student in using it, when the student should use it, and the appropriate rules for the class when the student uses the product. All of these things will minimize any problems for the use of the device and will make sure the device is used appropriately the maxmize the student's learning ability.

Inclusion & Diverse Learning

AAC and Proloquo2GO can be an important support system for students and children looking to participate in school, the workforce, community, home, and other peer environments on an inclusive level. Since students need to be able to express themselves on a verbal and emotional level, the use of this tool can meet the daily communication needs, interactions, and expectations for any student with communication disorders. These apps can be used on appealing and powerful devices that are key to interacting with student peer groups. Therefore since the Apple products are widespread, students who use such software on devices do not look any different from thier peers. The app is very flexible to meet any age group and customized to meet any needs of the student as they grow and learn. Inclusion is then a key goal for students who use such a device or software.

Training Requirements

To train someone to use Proloquo2Go, there are plenty of short step-by-step tutorials and user manuals on a variety of topics supplied by the application to download. The trainee can pick any maual or tutorial for use based on their intentions. The best way to train someone with the app is to practice and use it yourself!

Manuals supplied for use:

full manual, visual quick start manual, & old manual for older versions

Tutorials supplied for use:

basics, intro to basic communication, intro to core word, creating a new user, promoting & demoting buttons, creating buttons, actions, or folders, changing the order of buttons, making and restoring backups with iTunes, making and restoring backups with WiFi, working with recents, adjusting appearances 1, adjusting appearances 2:colors, adjusting appearances 3: text, adjusting interactions, adjusting restrictions, speech options, modifying pronounciation, and understanding folder views.

Production Companies & Pricing

The Proloque2GO software is only available for download through iTunes.

The average price for the software in the US is $189.99 and in Great Britain is $199.99. However, the exact price may vary from country to country and there are bundle packages available through partner websites.

For many educational institutions in the US, UK, Austrailia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and Spain, there is a 50% discount on Proloque2Go when organizations buy 20+ copies through Apple App Stores Volume Purchase Program for Eduation.

Technical Requirements

The Proloquo2Go software requires iOS 5.1.1 or later to work. Therefore, Proloquo2Go app will run on any Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch models. Models include third generation iPod touch (with built-in speaker), the fourth generation iPod touch (with built-in speaker and camera), the fifth generation iPod touch, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, the original iPad, the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad mini.

Proloquo2Go also works with desktops and laptops that have a MAC or windows based operating system.

***Proloquo2Go cannot be used on Blackberry, Windows mobile or Android devices.

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