A Year In Review

Best Marketed Companies

1. Nike, in 2015 various nike products have come out and sales boomed in the nike industry

2. Apple, with the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 and 6s, Apple continues to push the selling of these products

3. Spotify has seriously pushed their premium App in 2015

BEST Products

1. Fit Bit

2. Cards Against Humanity

Top 2 Movies

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Star Wars was being marketed months in advance before the movie even showed. Everything from action figures to clothing to Christmas ornaments were made to promote and advertise for the big box office film

2. South Paw. Movie trailers flooded twitter and the rest of the internet when this drama was about to take the screen. South Paw got positive reviews and did fairly well in the box office.

WORST Products

1. Apple Pencil

2. Hover Board

Top 2 Musical Artists

1. Taylor Swift. Coming out with her new album, 1989, Swift marketed merchandise and even invited fans to "secret sessions" to show them a little bit of her upcoming album

2. J Cole. After years of not dropping an album, infamous J Cole finally came out with a chart topping album Forest Hills Drive and topped the charts in the Rap and R&B genre

Billboards Top 10 hits

1. Sugar- Maroon 5

2. Good For You- Selena Gomez

3. Drag Me Down- One Direction

4. What Do You Mean- Justin Bieber

5. Hello- Adele

6. Sorry- Justin Bieber

7. Focus- Ariana Grande

8. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

9. All About That Bass- Meagan Trainor

10. Love Yourself- Justin Bieber


Personal Improvements

Get in good shape for lacrosse

Family and Friends

Make more time for both family and friends, reconnect with people


Try my hardest to get all As