Persecution in the world!

What is Persecution?

Persecution: To Persecute someone is to have them arrested of killed because of thier religion. In this flyer you will learn about persecution and where it takes place!
This is a picture of a Church is about a Egyptian Church that was bombed. They had to use pictures that they have in the Church as stretchers. There was 21 deaths and over 70 people injured during a sermon on the 31st of December 2010. You can read the full story on the BBC news website!

Where Persecution Happens


People everyday are getting persecuted everyday there isn't a lot of persecution happening in the U.K today. Places that are being effected are Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan. Christians are being killed every day because of religion differences.

Persecution in Biblical times!

There was persecution back in Biblical times for example:

The stoning of Stephen

Most of the disciples were persecuted by people because of following Jesus.

Nero once set Rome on fire! When people asked who did it Nero replied that it was the Christians. When the people heard this they wanted to kill all the Christians in the city of Rome.

People use to put Christians in with lions to give entertainment to the Egyptians who would sit and watch.