May Newsletter

Eberts' Kindergarten T/Th


Literacy and Numeracy

This month we will be focusing on Spring Changes; including seeds, insects and baby animals. We will continue working on skills that we have learned throughout the year and begin to include blending 3 letter words, stretching out the letter sounds for writing, listening to and recalling facts, identifying story elements, rhyming, sequencing and sharing their learning in a variety of ways. We will also finish up the alphabet!! Hooray!! We will focus on Ss, Jj and then continue strengthening our understanding of vowel and consonant sounds and how they go together.

In Math, we will continue working on number sense, especially breaking apart numbers into two parts; exploring teen numbers and focus on 3D objects, which we didn't get done in April. As well, we will review concepts taught to date and deepen our understanding.

Looking forward to a great month!


Thank you so much for coming in and checking out our student leds. As I watched the students work through the centers I couldn't help but be very proud of their hard work and how much they have grown throughout the school year! I hope you are proud of their journey in Kindergarten!

Transitions for Grade One...

In order to help the transition to Grade One we will be making some small changes to our daily schedule.

  • Beginning May 12th we will be staying outside before school starts. This is a good time to start practicing more independence by dropping your child off and having them walk the sidewalk down to the B den playground. Start slow, if you need to, and walk your child down the first few times and then work on letting them do it by themselves. Students shouldn't be going inside the school unless it is raining. Mrs. Maris or myself will be outside for supervision, along with the normal morning supervisors. Please note, that morning supervision does not start until 8:20. Students keep their backpacks outside and pick them up on the way inside when the bell rings.
  • As well, for morning recess, we will be heading outside with the older students. We will have a snack about 10:05 and then head outside for recess from 10:25 – 10:37. This will get the students used to being outside with other classes, help them learn how to line up to come in to the school and how to deal with different situations that do arise on the playground. We will be going out with the students during this time to supervise.
  • Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather!!
  • Thank you for your support in growing independent students!

Coming up this month....

Tuesdays - Library Days (thank you for sending books back on time!)

May 7th - Pizza hot lunch (if ordered)

May 8th - Family Dance - this is such a fun event for families! Hope you can make it!


May 14th - Field trip to the High School for a science experiment!! (information coming home Tuesday, May 5th)

May 26th - Pizza hot lunch (if ordered)

May 28th - Kraay Family Farm field trip - cost will be $9/student to cover busing and entrance fee - more information will be coming out for volunteers!

June important dates:

June 4th - field trip to Boston Pizza (more information coming and will need 2-3 volunteers)

June 9th - swimming 2-3 (looking for 4 volunteers)

June 18th- swimming 2-3 (looking for 4 volunteers)

June 23rd - LAST DAY - field trip to Safety City in Red Deer (pm). Will need 5 volunteers. (more information to come)

Hope you can pencil in some of these times for volunteering. We can not make things work without your support!!

Until next month...

Have a wonderful May and Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms in our class.

Remember if you have any questions or concerns, please email or phone or write me a note!


403-782-8726 (4202)

Twitter: @eberts_k


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