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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Vote for FDR in the 1940 Election!

Trust the first New Deal and the second New Deal! President Roosevelt has done his best to get America out of the Great Depression. He's going to do more than just get us out.

Best New Deal Policies Still Going Strong

Works Progress Administration- The Works Progress Administration was created in 1935. As the largest New Deal Agency, the WPA impacted millions of Americans. It provided jobs across the nation. Because of it, numerous roads, buildings, and other projects were completed. It was renamed the Works Projects Administration in 1939.

Social Security Act- The Social Security Act was designed to combat the widespread poverty among senior citizens. The government program provided income to retired wage earners. The program has become one of the most popular government programs and is funded by current wage earners and their employers.

Public Works Administration- The Public Works Administration was a program created to provide economic stimulus and jobs during the Great Depression. The PWA was designed to create public works.

Home Owners Loan Corporation- The Home Owner's Loan Corporation was created in 1933 to assist in the refinancing of homes. The housing crisis created a great many foreclosures, and Franklin Roosevelt hoped this new agency would stem the tide.

Civilian Conservation Corps- The Civilian Conservation Corps was created in 1933 by Franklin Roosevelt to combat unemployment. This work relief program had the desired effect and provided jobs for many Americans during the Great Depression.

Trust Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."