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The Eco Flat Box - Your Way, Every Day

Just Say No To Wooden Crates!

The Eco Flat Box is a revolutionary way to ship your flat goods. A unique and viable alternative to wooden crates, Eco Flat Boxes are made from 100% recylable post-consumer corrugate. Eco Flat Boxes are lightweight, easy to ship, and eco-friendly.

Versatile By Design

Eco Flat Boxes are intuitive and easy to build. The versatility of the Eco Flat Box allows for fast and easy customization according to your products and your needs.

For instance, If you already have your own packaging but are looking to add strength, durability, and protection to your package then why not try our patent pending End Caps as a stand alone solution? Cost effective and easy to use, End Caps will suspend your product throughout shipment.

Why not try adding velcro tabs to the envelope to make it even easier to pack, unpack, and then do it again. Velcro tabs are an ingenious and practical solution if you plan on reusing your Eco Flat Box Envelopes.

The Eco Flat Box intelligently engineered End Caps also have a hidden cavity that allows for storage. Next time you ship using an Eco Flat Box why not use the end caps to safely store hardware, blueprints, instructions, and/or manuals!

What Our Customers Are Saying

"So far we are seeing excellent results. The End Cap solution has filled a critical need for us."

Rich Radford, Indow Windows.

We'd Love To Hear From YOU

What do you think about The Eco Flat Box? We think it's an ingenious way to pack and ship flat goods...but what's even more important is what YOU think! Visit us on Facebook and give us YOUR opinion of the Eco Flat Box - we'd love to hear from you!

The Eco Flat Box by Eco Box Systems