Biking With My Best Friend

Summer fun

On August 30th at 6pm my best friend Jake and I decided to go biking . So we both got our bikes and met on the road. We went around our block that's in the shape of a circle. After our bike ride around the block we checked if our tires were hot because of the friction we made.

Look at me!

The Science of It

My first connection to science is when a bike moves it creates friction. And tires rub against the surface to create friction also friction creates heat. My second connection to science is there is kinetic energy when you go biking. And when you move the pedals on the bike that will cause bike to move so you are creating kinetic energy.

Connection 1 source:

Connection 2 source:

I wonder

1. Can there be too much friction where the tire will break down?

2.When the breaks stop the tires does that create friction?

3.What are most common velocity speeds that people fall off there bike?

4.What causes breaks on a bike break?

5.When you put training wheels on a bike does it slow it velocity that it can go?

6.If the tires are bigger will that increase velocity?