Collection Analysis Project

LM 511 Kimberly Moncrief and Lisa Morgan 2014

Collection Analysis Report

Collection Map Analysis Findings and Media Specialist Discussion

I, Kimberly Moncrief, am a first year media specialist at Benjamin Russell High School in Alexander City, Alabama. Taking over any library program is a daunting task, but it is especially overwhelming when you still have so much to learn about how to run a library media program efficiently and effectively. I was very excited about this project because it gave me a starting point to begin analyzing Benjamin Russell’s collection. I think that the collection map was a great way to analyze our collection and begin to find areas that could be updated and improved.

Benjamin Russell High School was built in 1950, and many of the books in our collection are from that era or shortly after that. When Lisa and I analyzed the 910-919 section of Benjamin Russell’s collection, we were not surprised to find that majority of the titles in this section of our collection were outdated. The oldest copyright found in the 910-919 sections was from 1960, and the most recent copyright in these sections was from 2006. The average copyright age in the sections was from 1976, which is over 38 years ago. Obviously, these sections are not current enough. During our analysis, we discovered that while many of the materials were outdated, most, if not all, were age appropriate.

We believe that these sections of Benjamin Russell’s collection are in this state because the media specialists prior to me focused more on growing the fiction section of our collection instead of the nonfiction sections, especially the geography section. Funding for the media center is extremely limited, and we believe that the previous media specialists tried to spend money on areas that were frequently utilized, like the fiction section.

As far as check outs, there are not many requests for the 910-919 section. I have been at Benjamin Russell as the media specialist since August 2014, and I have had two checkouts from this section in this time frame. Both checkouts have stemmed from one student who was researching the Bermuda Triangle for his research paper. Lisa and I do not feel that the resources that are currently in this section are the best resources for this Dewey range, but because of lack of funding, there are not any major plans to completely update this section at this time.

Presently, there is around $1,000 in the Benjamin Russell library account, and once that money is gone, there is little chance of more funds being available. As the media specialist, I feel that I have to find the areas of the library where I can make my limited budget stretch the farthest, and I feel that updating the fiction collection would draw in more library patrons than updating the 910-919 section. Ideally, I would love to be able to do both, but because of practicality, I feel that I have to be very selective where I spend my funding. Also, Lisa and I discussed that students can pull sources from the Alabama Virtual Library to find more information about topics in this particular section; we believe that it is a great, free alternative.

However, I can plainly see the benefits of updating this section of Benjamin Russell’s collection. All of our English teachers conduct research projects and papers with their classes, and they like the classes to focus on one central theme. Geography would be a great theme for them to study. An updated 910-919 section would allow students to research various parts of the world. The benefits would be two-fold; students would be reading informational text, which is so important with our common core standards, and the research would open their eyes up to the world around them.

Both Lisa and I liked the idea of expanding Benjamin Russell’s 910-919 section through e-books. Using Titlewave, we found several e-books that had unlimited access. We thought that this would be a fantastic resource to add to our school’s library collection. Our school has a 1:1 iPad ratio this year for our student body; an e-book with unlimited access would be a phenomenal way to put our new technology to good use while also helping our students perfect their informational text reading skills. We both think that it is a resource that our teachers and students would really utilize.

Analyzing the Benjamin Russell High School media center’s 910-919 collection was eye opening. We knew that our collection was dated, but we didn’t realize the extent. The collection analysis map is a great way to access the current needs of any media center collection.

Collection Analysis Chart

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Benjamin Russell High School houses grades 9-12. After careful observation and research of the 910-919 section of the media center, we felt it necessary to increase the content in the Geography section. We felt our purchases would meet the needs of the students according to the requirements of non-fiction text to align with the Common Core and Alabama Course of Study regarding Social Studies in grades 9-12.

Social Studies deals with the history of the world according to the events that took place, the people it affected, and the locations in which these events took place. The study of geography is a crucial component of understanding history. In secondary education, geographical content increases the learners understanding of global connections and expands their knowledge of a variety of cultures from the past and present.

The Alabama Course of Study says, “A well equipped classroom includes a variety of well equipped stimuli such as charts, globes, graphs and maps.” We decided to purchase maps that will be available for checkout. These maps include a U.S. map, Europe map, and a world map.

It is important for students to have electronic and print media to use when researching and studying topics in Social Studies. Several current different non-fiction texts have been selected to interest readers as well as provide accurate information in the research process. Books about explorers have been selected as well as many geographical books that cover a broad range of locations to study.

The following items would need to be justified to your library committee because of the expense of the items. The Atlas of American History was purchased as an eBook with unlimited access and several text features that include highlighting, dictionary, bookmarking, and text to speech. The World Geography eight volume set satisfies the needs of students from middle school to college. It covers physical, human and economic geography. The Discovery Channel World Geography DVD is made for students in grades six through twelve. This gives students an opportunity to see the nations of the world through a visual aid. The DVD provides teacher guides to enhance lessons the video is used with.

Summary of Titlewave Book Order

A total of 25 books are going to be ordered consisting of one multi-volume set containing eight hardback books, one geographical dictionary, one geographical encyclopedia, 9 books about geographical locations including atlases and maps, and 6 books about explorers.
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Summary of e-Book Order

5 eBooks were ordered with 3 having unlimited access.

Summary of DVD Order

2 DVDs with teacher guide were ordered in the audiovisual section.

Summary of Periodicals Order

A years subscription to National Geographic was ordered.
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Summary of Materials Order

3 maps consisting of a U.S. map, World Map, and Europe map were ordered for use in the library and will be available for check-out.

Titles and Selection Tools

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Cataloging Specifications

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