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A Funeral for the Rich, Famous and Frowned upon...

Yesterday afternoon, Jay Gatsby’s funeral was held in his own home, and was buried later that evening. The man known for his extravagant parties and many attendees had quite a different ending to his life. Not but two men were present for his ceremony, his father and close friend. The man also, now convicted for the manslaughter of a woman by the name Myrtle Wilson, wife of George Wilson. It is now confirmed that Gatsby and Myrtle were having an affair before her gruesome death. The cause of Jay’s death is very ironic in a sense, a bit of a triple tragic love story. Gatsby’s alleged killer is George Wilson and will go on trial at an undetermined date at this time.

Woman Hit By a Car By Famous Millionaire-Jay Gatsby

George Wilson was having a fight with his wife Myrtle one night when things got out of hand. Myrtle started running into the streets screaming for help when she got hit by a car that was being driven by Jay Gatsby. The millionaire, who didn't even bother to stop the car to see if she was okay, drove away into the night. After myrtle got hit, tons of people began to rush into the store that her and her husband owned and ask what happened. Then out of no where Tom storms into the store, interrogating George about what happened, when one particular question was asked....What color was the car? After establishing that the car was specifically yellow, it could be concluded that Jay a Gatsby was indeed responsible for the hit and run.

Jay Gatsby has now been pronounced dead, and all investigations will be called off.

WANTED Yellow 1929 Duesenberg Model J Wanted for hit and run Last seen fleeing the crime scene in the Valley of Ashes Reward: $500

GATSBY'S DRUGSTORE- Come see the remainder of his legacy and buy his (now marked down) products for an even greater price than before!

Paparazzi Storm House of Nick Carraway After Gatsby's Death

After the shooting and death of Jay Gatsby, paparazzi rushed to Nick Carraway's home, in order to collect any known information about the incident. Although he did not disclose any information, it is said that the millionaire was shot and killed by the infuriated husband of Myrtle Wilson who, according to witnesses, was killed in a hit in run caused by Gatsby. Carraway was the only known friend of Gatsby, and was responsible for all funeral arrangements. He was the only guest that attended.


As you may have heard, well-known millionaire, Jay Gatsby, recently passed after being shot by the enraged husband of the hit and run victim, Myrtle Wilson. Gatsby's beautiful home remains empty and in need of someone to call it theirs!

If interested, call number below!

An In-Depth Look at the Death of Jay Gatsby

Yesterday, millionaire Jay Gatsby was shot and killed in his multi-million dollar mansion in West Egg. The shooter was identified as George Wilson, committed suicide after the murder. Gatsby had died at the age of 32 and left behind his estate, car, and lucrative drug-store chain that was shared with business partner and fellow millionaire, Meyer Wolfshiem. Gatsby was shot in his pool located on the estate. The shooter entered through the back gate when the butler went inside to answer the phone. The butler heard a loud bang coming from the back but the butler thought it was Gatsby's inner tube popping. When he heard the sound again, he immediately ran to the back to find Gatsby's body along with the shooter's. He immediately called the police, the house was then filled with police and reporters. The death of Gatsby had come to a surprise since he was known to be very generous with his money although, the legendary party house had not been very lucrative for the past few weeks. Gatsby was also seen entering The Plaza Hotel with legendary polo player, Tom Buchanan and his wife Daisy Buchanan along with famous golfer Jordan Baker and a Wall Street man, Nick Carraway the previous day. Guests at the hotel complained about their room being rather loud. Gatsby later left the hotel with only Daisy at his side. Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Carraway, and Miss Baker were soon to follow. The investigation is still under review as to wether the fiasco at the hotel is related to the shooting the following day. The funeral is planned for next Wendseday the 17th at 1:00pm at Jay Gatsby's former estate.