The Purpose of Government in Rome

By: Skyler Centrello

Background Information about Rome

The city of Rome was located on a peninsula. It began as a group of villages to form a city. It was made of hills and near the Tiber River. The Romans believed in many gods and goddesses. They also believed in mythology. The Romans believed that religion was very important. They thought of themselves as highly religious and believed in sacrifice, prayer, and rituals. Some of these sacrifices required an accompanied prayer to be excepted. Though a prayer by itself had a different power. The religious rituals had to reenacted by specialists or priests. The city had temples because the people were very diverse. When the city collapsed the religion had changed to support the new emperors. When Augustus ruled he wanted the people to believe in revivalism and reform. This is when the Romans wanted Christianity to flourish in which it did.

Background Information About Roman Government

Ancient Rome started around 753 BCE and lasted until 476 CE. This city started with a mythical story and was first ruled by a monarchy. Under the kings who ruled at first, Rome grew rapidly. They became richer, trade grew, and had many expensive items throughout their city. Though, Rome was not always like this. Over time kings ruled badly aristocrats rebelled. Ancient Rome was also divided into branches and classes, which meant they were no longer a monarchy. They became a republic. As time passed the republic became more and more powerful. A man named Julius Caesar took over and named himself dictator for life. This took away all that Rome was working for. This is what led them into an empire. Caesar’s heir took the throne, installing a new form of government. Augustus Caesar made himself have supreme authority, so the Popular Assembly could only give him advice. This angered the plebeians, but Caesar also made their life better. He created more jobs for the people and built new roads. Eventually, Rome was split into two parts because it was expanding and becoming weaker. Many fights occurred on the borders in which weakened Rome. Sadly, the empire then fell in 476 CE.


Think about the government today in the US. Imagine a life without a strong, powerful system. Where would we be? What would we do? There is a very important purpose to the government today. Because of our system we have freedom, protection, and rights. Today we have freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly. We also have protection from our troops and unreasonable search. We also have the right to vote and to be payed for our work. All of these things are the main reasons for our government. But there was also a big purpose of government in Ancient Rome.


Government is a system that helps organize and run a city. It should benefit the people in positive ways and provide things to them. The government should be made up of strong people, but not one person who takes over. The people should have a say in their government to make them care. This will make the people have a feeling of fairness, togetherness, and also feel united. Government is the governing body of a place.


The government in ancient Rome helped the city expand and become more successful. It also protected them from invaders. Without the government they would not have been able to expand, be protected, or even become successful. The purpose of government during the republic was to create separation of power, to install the Twelve Tables as the foundation of Roman law, and to give people the authority to run government and make laws. The purpose pf government during the empire was to go through the Pax Romana, give good things to the people, and to provide protection.

The Republic

The three main reasons for government in Rome during the republic was to create separation of power, install the Twelve Tables as the foundation of Roman law, and giving the people the authority to run the government and make laws. The aristocrats rebelled which led to, separation of power. The purpose of creating separation of power was so that everyone felt like they had enough power. This also preventing someone from taking all the power. This is a big purpose of government. If the people of Rome decided never to install a system of checks and balances there could have been many more rebellions, and it could lead to a group of people taking all the power. Another purpose of government was to install the Twelve Tables. This happened in 451 BCE and protected the plebeians from the patricians. If these laws never came into place the patricians could have charged the plebeians lots of money and treat them very poorly. The government made these laws the foundation because it protected the people and stated fair laws. This set of laws also listed rules about marriage, crime, and property. One of the last purposes was giving the people the authority to run the government and make laws. They gave the plebeians one of the consulships and gave the Popular Assembly the authority to make laws. This made everyone feel like they had a say in government, which would make them care. They would then feel united with everyone. Without the government during the republic there would have been no fairness, separation of power, a foundation of the laws, or enough say in government

The Empire

The three main reasons for government in Rome during the empire was to go through the Pax Romana, create jobs for the people, and to provide protection to the city. Going through the Pax Romana really helped the city flourish. Augustus Caesar created peace and brought them into this time. During this time many successes were made. The Colosseum was built, created an extended list of laws, built a lot of roads and bridges, and expanded the city. Without the government creating this time of peace we wouldn't have had our languages, the base to our government, and the roads and bridges. This time wasn't only important for us, it flourished the whole empire. This time was like the Golden Age, but based on peace and success. If the empire didn't go through this it could have fell very quickly. Rome was due for a time of success. The next purpose of government was to create jobs for the people. Augustus Caesar took over and provided more job options for the people. He provided the people with a nice job and a form of making money. Without this happening the Romans could have went through of poverty or a demand for jobs. Lastly, the government provided protection for the Romans. The army protected each province and prevented attacks. The ruler Hadrian also built Hadrian's Wall. This separated Rome from potential attackers. Without this the Romans could have been killed. The government during the empire helped create a time of peace, develop new job opportunities and provide protection.