Work Place Etiquette

Work Ethics

- Be reliable

- punctual

- follow through on tasks

- have a positive attitude

- be willing to help people out

- show up ready to work

How to respond to problems in the work place

- Identify Problem

- Determine the size and the scope of the problem

- Determine the severity of the problem

- Identify the easiest way to resolve the problem

- Arrange to meet with your employer

- Prepare for the meeting with your employer

- Meet with your employer

- Document the problem

Workplace Communication

- effective communication is so important for organizational success that not only managers, but also employees

- Be confident

- Earn respect and trust from colleagues, managers, and customers--- This doesn't happen automatically

- Build a reputation a good impression is valuable

- Avoid flaunting power and intellect --- place yourself at the same level as the listeners

Dress Code/ Appearance

- Shoes should be comfortable and conservative

- Hats should not be worn in the office

- Make up should be to a minimum

- Dresses/ Skirts should be at an appropriate length

- Slacks, Flannel shirts, and capris are acceptable

Physical Space

- Keep area clean and organized

- Space should make clients feel safe

- Warm colors make space feel organized

- Cool colors expand space more

- Remember what makes you feel comfortable

Cell Phones

- Turn your cell phone ringer off

- Only use for important/business

- Let phone calls go to voicemail

- Don't bring cell phones to meetings

- Find private place to make calls


- Make purpose of your email clear

- Don't make others wait for your response

- Keep it professional and brief

- Wait to fill in "to" so that way you don't send it before you are done writing

- Avoid sarcasm


- Clear and direct

- Actively listen

- Paraphrase

- Face-to-face

- Be respectful